Friday, December 10, 2010

Sigma Makeup Holiday Special !!

Sigma Makeup's starting their holiday special today! Their Complete pink kit with brush roll (originally sold for $99) is now $79! Dont miss out!

and if you want to get a free gift with your purchase ($30 or more), use my link (click any of the pictures in this post) and help me get a little commission as im starting to save aside some $$$ for my 500 followers giveaway! hehe thanks!

(please note, im not forcing you to use my link. if you prefer not to, here is the original link to Sigma's website. and for those wondering, i only get comission if you make a purchase, so its okay to click if you're just looking! lol )

thanks and have a great day!

oh.. and guess what i have with me!! i am soooooooo excited to try these! haha my bf got me these as an early christmas present :D but i dont think i can test them out till finals are over *sigh* :( since final exam week i usually go no makeup or just tinted moisturizer + eyeliner if i need to leave the house.. oh well, i'll just look at them for now haha :(

travel kit in nice in pink & F80 flat top kabuki!! *yay*
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