Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Jill Stuart, How I Adore Thee!!

Are you a sucker for gorgeous packaging?

I most definitely am! and oh my goodness does Jill Stuart step up their game when it comes to packaging. Their products may come with a heavy price tag, but they do not disappoint! One of the few products I picked up on my trip to hong kong, was this gorgeous blush from Jill Stuart. The one i have is in the shade 09 - little bouquet.

and some quick swatches.. :)

Isnt is absolutely gorgeous? 

Not only the packaging, but the colors as well! I find that although the blush itself can seem a tad light when swatched, but when used on top of a primer or even just your foundation, the result is a much more pigmented and gorgeous color! Plus, the texture of this blush is very nice, and i love how theres four different range of colors to mix from meaning you can go a bit more coral one day, or a bit more rose the next. whatever rocks your boat! ;)

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