Friday, July 8, 2011

June LuxeBox - Laura Mercier Full Size Shadow!

What a lovely surprise!

This Last month's LuxeBox (man i'm having a hard time posting these on time! sorry!) gave me a surprise, a good one i should add! :D Not only were there the usual deluxe samples, but this time, i was "upgraded" to a full sized product! Read on to see what I got in my June LuxeBox!

all the samples plus the full sized laura mercier shadow :)

size comparison to my iphone 4

Normally, i wouldnt be overally excited to see these types of samples because i quite like my skincare routine (hey.. it works and i dont want to mess it up lol) and i dont normally use alot of hair products... BUT, this time around, im actually really liking the joico hair oil! my hairs been a tad dry lately and i've been getting alot of flyaways... so this has been wonderful :)

the foaming face wash isnt bad either! the texture is nice and smooth and actually does a pretty good job of removing all the makeup leaving my face feeling fresh :) plus, i love the little quote on the bottle: "what goes on your body, goes in your body"

ohh here comes today's main feature! a FULL SIZED laura mercier eye shadow! :D the one i received was in the shade sandstone and i absolutely love it :) its a suitable color for a large range of skintones and it is the perfect shade for me since i wear very little eyeshadow :)

sleek packaging with a mirror :)

and heres a swatch :) this is nice for a slight highlight, but i like to use it as an all over the lid shade. it really helps brighten up my eyes, something i definitely need with the amount of sleep i've been getting lately!

and last but not least, i also received two dermalogica samples, a shaving cream and a daily clean scrub. since these are targeted at our male counterparts, im planning to give them to my bf, brother or dad.. whoever wants it more hehe :) 

Overall, another lovely luxebox from the lovely team at Loose Button! I am really enjoying these monthly boxes and i think its time i renew my subscription! Going to go for another 3 months (even though the price went up a tad, from $10 a month to $12) :D 

have a great weekend!

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