Sunday, October 9, 2011

Im So Glad We Met Again, Volume Lip

Seriously, SO glad!

The first time around when i tested out Annabelle's Volume Lip Lipglosses, I liked them, but I wasnt in love. This time around, I was sent one (in the shade tangerina) and seconds later, i was frantically digging through my collection for all my other ones! How they were not part of my daily routine i do not know. I think it comes down to the fact that back then, i really did not wear lipgloss often.. shame on me i know :(

but anyways, the past is the past and i am ready to re-review these gorgeous lipglosses for you all! In total, including all the others in my collection, i now have six and have found a permanent spot for several in my purse. Lets take a look at some pictures :)

here are the previous swatches from my collection

cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

and here is the swatch of my new addition :) meet tangerina

I still hold on my previous review with the flaws i stated. Firstly, these tubes are a bit tough to apply since they a tad too sturdy, secondly the name of the product is printed on a sticker which MUST be removed prior to using the product, and finally, there is a lack of pigmentation when comparing hand swatches to actual lip application.

tangerina when applied
However, getting those flaws out of the way, let me then tell you why i am SO glad to find these again. Firstly, even though the colors are sheer, these add a gorgeous tint to your lips. They give you just a touch of color that instantly brightens up your face and that is exactly what i need. especially now that i'm out of school and entering the work area, i dont want anything too "in-your-face" if you know what i mean :p

Secondly, the formula is amazing! Just a little dot and even if you have dry, cracked lips.. your lips will feel insanely smooth! Very moisturizing and not sticky at all (unless you decide to layer lots! and even then, its not even that sticky!) Not only that, but i find that it also helps plump up your lips without that burning feeling which is a nice addition :)

So overall, Im definitely enjoying these again :) Have you guys tried this before? Let me know what you think!

Please Note: The products mentioned above were sent to Pinkbox Makeup for review consideration. No monetary compensation was received and as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own honest personal views and based on my own experiences with the product itself.

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