Saturday, May 21, 2011

MAC Mineralize Blushes - Daft Pink & Fad-Dabulous

Oh how i love blushes!

A little while back, Tiffany from WillWorkForMakeup was having a blog sale and i luckily snatched up two of her limited edition Mac Mineralize Blushes! one in Daft Pink and one in Fad-Dabulous! I dont normally like to do late posts on limited edition products since they arent available anymore, but these are just so gorgeous i had to share!

Note: if you're not following Tiffany already, please check her out! she is an amazing blogger and i love each and every single one of her posts! Im sure you will too so go visit her blog when you can! <3

Arent they absolutely gorgeous! Both Daft Pink and Fad-dabulous came out with MAC's Colour Craft Collection and since I was huge on MAC products back then, I missed out. Thanks to Tiffany though, i now have two more gorgeous blushes to add to my collection! <3

Daft Pink
Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining

 Dirty Burnt coral with yellow gold veining

and of course, the swatches :)

daft pink, fad-dabulous; both swatched once on left and then blended on right

daft pink, fad-dabulous; both swatched once on left and then blended on right
daft pink up close

fad-dabulous up close

daft pink, fad-dabulous; both swatched once
daft pink, fad-dabulous; both blended out

arent they pretty? hehe i seriously cant get enough of blushes, and if only MAC blushes werent so pricey, (or if i won the lottery and became super rich) i'd probably go buy every single one they have! i am seriously addicted to blushes haha.. but im sure im not the only one! ;)

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