Monday, August 8, 2011

I Finally Gave In - MAC BlackTrack

and i am LOVING it!

We all know about MAC's fluidlines.. especially their famous blacktrack! Its pretty well known and i dont know why i never purchased this earlier! I guess i was always thinking that i could get away with a drugstore liner and so i never really wanted to shell out extra money for a MAC liner. But i finally gave in after my maybelline liner dried out :( and i am very happy to say, i LOVE my new blacktrack!

some quick swatches.. this is very creamy, very smooth and very easy to apply!

i like to use my coastal scents bent liner to apply this :) it makes it super easy!

and a swatch on the eyes :)

first the gooood!
i LOVE the texture of this liner! it is very creamy and smooth and applies so easily! I also love the packaging :) as with other MAC products, it is housed in a sturdy glass packaging. The lid screws on tight helping to extend the lifetime of this product. As well, i really like how black this liner is even after application! I've had plenty of experiences with liners that say they are black but in reality, are actually more of a dark grey once applied.. so this was nice :) and last but not least, the lasting power did not disappoint :) after wearing it for a full day out in the sun, the liner was still there and still black with only minimal smudging :) and yes, im talking even on the waterline! <3

then the not so good...
hmm well one thing i found about this liner (and also with a lot of other liners) is that if you're in a rush and want to apply two layers, you might end up smudging off the first layer.. so i would have to say that one downside to this product would be that you do have to give it a good 5-10 seconds to really set before you want to re-apply another layer. (which if you really think about it, is not that bad because you can alternate between your eyes)

overall though, i am in love! This is definitely my new HG eyeliner and if you havent tested this out already, what are you waiting for! dont be silly like me and just resist it because of its price. (in fact, its actually not that much pricier than a drugstore liner! and you get a TON of product that will last you years :)) :D

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