Saturday, April 23, 2011

Urban Decay Cheek Tints Swatches!

Aren't they pretty??

Since sephora is deciding to extend their 15% off sale until monday, I've been taking a look to see if there's anything I really want. So far, I dont have anything particular that I want or need, but these urban decay afterglow cheek tints do look cute! And look at the colors!! I may end up picking one up hehe

Here are some pictures taken with my iPhone 4 :)

Quickie, fetish, score, indecent, greedy, crush

Quickie, fetish, score, indecent, greedy, crush

What do you think? I'm liking all of them! Especially indecent hehe I think itll be a nice natural color :) but I also like greedy !  and omg crush looks AMAZING swatched! i wonder how it'll be like on the cheeks haha hmm guess I have the weekend to decide if I should get it! Let me know what you guys think! :) and have a great week!

p.s.. isnt this mirror just adorable!!!! i'd so get it if it didnt cost $64! lol

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