Friday, July 29, 2011

OPI Caught With My Khakis Down

Khaki is my new favorite green!

I picked this up recently at Sephora and after putting it on my nails, i instantly fell in love with the color! <3 The shade i got is called "Caught with my khakis down" :)

As always, OPI's formulas are amazing. They apply smoothly and have a gorgeous shine to it! One coat of this shade was already opaque enough but i have a tendency to always put on two coats. Top this off with a top coat and I think its safe to say that this isnt going anywhere for at least a week or two! :D I also have a feeling that when it comes time to take this off.. i will just r-paint my nails with the same color haha! :)

so tell me, what nail colors are you obsessing over lately??

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smooth Silky Skin with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

I love that smooooth silky touch

First off, im so sorry i havent posted in awhile! My camera's memory card wasnt working and i freaked out because i had taken so many product pictures and swatches on it prior to that.. luckily, my dad somehow fixed it and now i finally have pictures to put into my post!

I was recently (okay i lie.. im really behind in doing these reviews! opps!) sent some products from the lovely people at Reviva Labs to review (and giveaway! - that will come later :)) The two products i received were their Makeup Primer and their Light Skin Peel. Today, we will focus on the primer :)

Now we all know primers all seem to be very similar, they all give us smooth silky skin, help make foundation application easier, make foundation last longer etc etc.. so what makes this one so different you ask?

well first, lets take a look at the product itself :)

yup thats right! men too :D

ohh how i LOVE products with expiration dates printed CLEARLY for me to see!
packaged in a sturdy glass-like bottle, this primer comes with a super easy to use pump function. (did i ever mention how much i love products with pumps? i just loveee the control you get!) the product itself is a tad on a liquid-y side.. something different from the usual thick primers we use.

here you can see the product is not a thick gel like substance, in fact, its quite liquid-y!

very smooth consistency

after.. all moisturizer and ready to "apply makeup!"

first the goooooood :)
this primer makes my face suuuuuper silky smooth! I love the texture of this primer because it is not a thick gel-like product, rather, it is quite liquid-y making it smooth on easier and also feel less like you applied lard all over your face (eww!). plus, you know how sometimes when you apply foundation too quick after moisturizer/primer and you end up with that gunky stuff balling up on your face? well, it wont happen with this primer! :)

and of course, the usual "extends the staying power of your foundation", "increases the coverage of your foundation" & "boosts the pigmentation of your products" all come into play! :D

and then, the bad...
hmmm.. bringing out the critical side of me, i would have to say that this primer can seem to be a bit oilier than other primers.. most likely because of the consistency. Also, it does take a tad longer than other primers to absorb into your skin. however, once it does though, it really does create a very nice base for your makeup :) but we already went through that lol.

the other point i'd like to make would probably be that it is not as affordable as we'd all like. retailing for $19.50 and only available online (from what i know), makes it slightly difficult for everyone to try and use this product.

but other than that, i quite like this primer! i have been using it daily since i got it and even though its an extra step to my makeup routine, i really do have to say it does make a difference :) so for all those who arent using a makeup primer atm, seriously, give it a try! you'll notice a difference for sure :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Physicians Formula Eye Booster - I want long lashes!

My lashes need a miracle!

Being asian, i have straight, short, thin lashes :( ... so im always interested in serums that boasts they can make my lashes longer and thicker! I've tested out the L'oreal lash serum in the past, and while i did love it because it made my lashes healthier and stronger, i have to admit i got lazy and forgot to apply it once in a while more often then i'd like. 

So when i came across this physicians formula eye booster, i was super happy :D This is a 2 in 1 product in that it is both an eyeliner and a eye serum! Score! Now i dont have to worry about forgetting to apply my serum because well, i apply eyeliner on a daily basis! :D 

note: if you'd like, they also have this product in a clear shade.. meaning just the serum

Some Product Pictures:

lets hope these results are achievable!

100% ! now THAT is persuasive lol

nice sleek packaging :)

fine pointed tip :) (NOT the flimsy ones!)

swatches showing different lines that can be created

First Impression:
Im really liking it so far! Of course, after using it only once or twice, i have yet to see any difference with my lashes lol BUT, the liner itself is very easy to use! and that is saying something considering liquid liners are not something i use often lol. It applies smoothly, the tip is fine pointed and the shade i got "ultra black", is definitely quite black :) 

Even though i found that it had a good wear time (meaning it was still there when i got home at night PLUS there was very little, if any at all, smudging), this takes a bit of time to dry once you first apply it. That might be a given for some, but for others who are in a rush in the mornings, you'll have to be a bit more careful! But overall, that wait time is definitely worth it! because once its dried, it definitely stays on! :D

here are some eye swatches :)
before mascara

after a light coat of mascara lol
what did i tell you, i have crappy asian lashes :( lol so lets hope this product really works and helps them grow! *fingers crossed* haha anyways, i'll keep you guys updated! until next post, i hope you all have a wonderful week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

June LuxeBox - Laura Mercier Full Size Shadow!

What a lovely surprise!

This Last month's LuxeBox (man i'm having a hard time posting these on time! sorry!) gave me a surprise, a good one i should add! :D Not only were there the usual deluxe samples, but this time, i was "upgraded" to a full sized product! Read on to see what I got in my June LuxeBox!

all the samples plus the full sized laura mercier shadow :)

size comparison to my iphone 4

Normally, i wouldnt be overally excited to see these types of samples because i quite like my skincare routine (hey.. it works and i dont want to mess it up lol) and i dont normally use alot of hair products... BUT, this time around, im actually really liking the joico hair oil! my hairs been a tad dry lately and i've been getting alot of flyaways... so this has been wonderful :)

the foaming face wash isnt bad either! the texture is nice and smooth and actually does a pretty good job of removing all the makeup leaving my face feeling fresh :) plus, i love the little quote on the bottle: "what goes on your body, goes in your body"

ohh here comes today's main feature! a FULL SIZED laura mercier eye shadow! :D the one i received was in the shade sandstone and i absolutely love it :) its a suitable color for a large range of skintones and it is the perfect shade for me since i wear very little eyeshadow :)

sleek packaging with a mirror :)

and heres a swatch :) this is nice for a slight highlight, but i like to use it as an all over the lid shade. it really helps brighten up my eyes, something i definitely need with the amount of sleep i've been getting lately!

and last but not least, i also received two dermalogica samples, a shaving cream and a daily clean scrub. since these are targeted at our male counterparts, im planning to give them to my bf, brother or dad.. whoever wants it more hehe :) 

Overall, another lovely luxebox from the lovely team at Loose Button! I am really enjoying these monthly boxes and i think its time i renew my subscription! Going to go for another 3 months (even though the price went up a tad, from $10 a month to $12) :D 

have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Polished Summer Outfit

Oh the Summer Wind :)

I am so happy because summer is finally here! The weather is starting to get nicer and nicer and i love it because everything seems to be just so much happier :) Anyways, i recently attended my bf's cousin's bridal shower and it was so much fun! I wanted to dress up a bit, but not have it over done.. so this is what i wore:

i bought this dress during winter and i was saving it for a nice summery event :) to make it more polished, i also slipped on a lightweight blazer :)

attempting to take a full shot of myself haha.. please excuse the messy room!

sorry for the short posts lately. i've been pretty busy applying for jobs and interviewing... so yeah haha life's keeping me pretty busy! but hopefully, i'll get the job i really want and then life will be good haha.

i have a TON of reviews and swatches to post.. and i promise i'll get to them asap! i also have some product reviews that I've been sent to by generous companies and i would really really like to get those posted up soon too! im just in the middle of testing them out, so they should be up soon! :D thanks so much for sticking with me though lol i know i've been slowly posting less and less... which saddens me :( but no worries, i'll be back at it very soon! take care and have a wonderful summer!

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