Friday, August 26, 2011

Coral Summer Outfit & FOTD

Oh how i love summer!

Why? because summer means bright pretty colors like coral! and i LOVE a gorgeous coral matched with beige and gold! :D

Coral Button-up Blouse - HK
Coral Tank Top - Forever 21
Beige High-waisted Shorts - H&M
Gold Key Necklace - Forever 21

and then my FOTD :) I just settled for something simple with a soft coral lip to match :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trucco Duo Lip Liner Swatches

Here's some lip swatches!

Remember the Trucco Duo liner I received in last month's LuxeBox? Well, I thought i'd show you guys what it looked like when actually applied on :) I dont wear lip liner often, especially colors like these, but i kind of really like how it turned out. I now have a new LOVE with purple lip colors! <3

and here are the lip swatches! first up, the brown shade
(note: these are just the lip liner applied lightly all over the lip)

and then the purple shade.. the one that i am absolutely IN LOVE with :) its a bit over the top, but if applied sheerer, this is so gorgeous and definitely wearable :)

The purple seems a bit dark and a tad "gothic" but i really love the shade! When applied on top of my pink lips, it bordered magenta and was just lovely! Im really really glad i received this lip liner duo in my Luxebox, because without it, i wouldnt fall in love with this lovely purple lip color! what do you guys think?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bourjois Ombre Stretch

A Shimmery Peachy Pink

Hi everyone! I'm finally going to start going through all the products i bought in hong kong! I've reviewed some already, but trust me, theres a TON more to be reviewed! So today, lets take a look at Bourjois Ombre Stretch. The shade i purchased was 06 Rose.

Slim Packaging

mirror and small brush included

close up of product

I quite like the packaging! Its slim and compact and surprisingly includes both a mirror and a brush! It is very sturdy and there definitely wont be any accidents of this opening up in your makeup bag :) lets take a look at the swatches!

The color is gorgeous! Its a shimmery peachy pink, one that is very subtle, but also one with a gorgeous sheen. I have been using this as a wash of color on my lids and it helps brighten up my eyes :) I also like using this sometimes along my crease because its slightly darker than my skintone so it adds a tiny bit of definition to my eyes :)

First the goooood :)
  • The product itself is very smooth and easy to apply. 
  • You dont need to pile on a lot in order for the color to show. 
  • No creasing occurs and fading is minimal
  • There are no crazy chunks of glitter (no fall out!), but instead, there is a overall pretty sheen. 
  • The packaging is slim and compact, and matches the color of the shadow
then the not so good..
  • Bourjois is not a readily available brand
  • For a drugstore brand, this can get a bit pricey costing around $12-15 CAD
  • The color can be a bit sheer, but you can definitely build up

Overall, I am still really happy i purchased this :) The shade is beautiful and since i dont wear many dark/bright colors on my lids, i like the subtlety of this shade to add some dimension to my eyes :) What do you guys think? Have you tried this before? Let me know! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Finally Gave In - MAC BlackTrack

and i am LOVING it!

We all know about MAC's fluidlines.. especially their famous blacktrack! Its pretty well known and i dont know why i never purchased this earlier! I guess i was always thinking that i could get away with a drugstore liner and so i never really wanted to shell out extra money for a MAC liner. But i finally gave in after my maybelline liner dried out :( and i am very happy to say, i LOVE my new blacktrack!

some quick swatches.. this is very creamy, very smooth and very easy to apply!

i like to use my coastal scents bent liner to apply this :) it makes it super easy!

and a swatch on the eyes :)

first the gooood!
i LOVE the texture of this liner! it is very creamy and smooth and applies so easily! I also love the packaging :) as with other MAC products, it is housed in a sturdy glass packaging. The lid screws on tight helping to extend the lifetime of this product. As well, i really like how black this liner is even after application! I've had plenty of experiences with liners that say they are black but in reality, are actually more of a dark grey once applied.. so this was nice :) and last but not least, the lasting power did not disappoint :) after wearing it for a full day out in the sun, the liner was still there and still black with only minimal smudging :) and yes, im talking even on the waterline! <3

then the not so good...
hmm well one thing i found about this liner (and also with a lot of other liners) is that if you're in a rush and want to apply two layers, you might end up smudging off the first layer.. so i would have to say that one downside to this product would be that you do have to give it a good 5-10 seconds to really set before you want to re-apply another layer. (which if you really think about it, is not that bad because you can alternate between your eyes)

overall though, i am in love! This is definitely my new HG eyeliner and if you havent tested this out already, what are you waiting for! dont be silly like me and just resist it because of its price. (in fact, its actually not that much pricier than a drugstore liner! and you get a TON of product that will last you years :)) :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Loving July's LuxeBox !

Another monthly box of samples!
I really enjoyed this month's luxebox! Take a look at what i got! :D


i LOVE essie polishes! Although i really did want the pink polish shown in the description above, i was pretty happy with the purple as well because my nail polish collection lacks a deep purple :)

quick swatch! this is a gorgeous deep eggplant purple :) lovely! although it does stain a bit...
next up, this hair oil treatment is my FAV from this month's luxebox! it smells heavenly and really does help my hair look a lot healthier and smoother! <3 definitely planning on purchasing a full sized bottle when im done with this! <3

sample drop of the hair oil treatment

next is a perfume sample from stella :)

super pretty :) although im happy with my current fragrance, i am actually really liking this as well! i may not be able to control myself and go out and purchase this because it smells so good!

last but not least, this lip duo pencil was very surprisingly good!

i've never tried any of trucco's products, but this makes me want to!
quick swatches.. these were very creamy and applied so easily! i love the fact that the pencil was a duo and that you get a fun bright color as well as a more natural shade :) <3

and thats it for this month's luxebox! I really enjoyed all the samples and i cant wait to get next month's box! i swear, these boxes are getting better and better each month and it just brightens my day when i receive my next luxebox in the mail :D Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! I am LOVING every moment of it :)

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