Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Im Loving Fall Colors!

My Favorite Season !

Fall is definitely my all time favorite season mainly because of the gorgeous colors! I love all the forest greens, navy blues, mustard yellows, rusty browns and brick reds! <3 and plus, in fall, the weather is a bit cooler so you can layer your clothing and accessorize with scarfs and boots! :D Since we're kind of still in-between summer & fall, heres a fall inspired outfit :)

Outfit details:
tank top - costa blanca
waist skirt - forever 21
wrap belt - h&m
thin cardigan - forever 21
shoes - winners

whats your favorite season?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These Annabelle Smudge Paints are Amaazing!

Multi-Functional, Practical and Long Lasting!

These new Annabelle Smudge Paints mean serious business! When i first saw these at my local drugstores, i CRAVED to get my hands on them. but back then, i had put myself on a spending ban and sadly had to leave empty handed. So when i saw that the lovely Isabel had sent me not one, but FOUR of these lovely lovely things, i was beyond excited!

Now if you dont understand why i was so obsessed about getting my hands on these, let me show you some pictures and explain some details..

Firstly, the packaging is very unique in that not only does it come in a sturdy pot like normal gel liners do, but there is a built-in brush applicator hidden right inside the top! you just pull it out, flip it around, re-attach it and there you go.. no need to carry an extra liner brush which makes this PERFECT for travel purposes

Oh, but thats not all.. you can use this gel liner as per usual in the daytime, but if you want to amp it up for the night, you can double this up and use it as a cream shadow! The formula is very smooth, applies easily and best of all, blends beautifully! Plus, the built-in brush applicator allows for both thin and thick lines, whichever you prefer!

Muddy/ Sludge / Plummed / Tar

Muddy / Sludge / Plummed / Tar

Muddy / Sludge

Plummed / Tar
So when it comes time to go on vacation, this product is definitely one you need to bring along! which is exactly what i did when i went to vegas <3

Now of course, being the critical blogger, i'll let in you on some minor flaws
Firstly, if you're the type that wants to get the most out of your money, these smudge paints run a tad smaller than the usual gel liner (2g here compared to Maybelline's 3g) and cost around $11 CAD. Secondly, i dont recommend using this on your waterline. Because its meant to smudged (hence the name) and its creamy consistency, this doesnt sit well on the waterline. so if you're looking in particular for a product just for the waterline, you might want to skip this.

other than that though, i am really really loving this product. and seriously, how can you not! its multi-taskable, practical, comes in gorgeous colors and is a beauty to apply. have i convinced you yet? haha but seriously, i lovee this! <3

Please Note: The products mentioned above were sent to Pinkbox Makeup for review consideration. No monetary compensation was received and as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own honest personal views and based on my own experiences with the product itself.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Little Bit of Lace

Goodbye Summer!

I am back from Vegas and i am so sorry it took me so long to get back to posting haha i needed a long recovery period from all the nights of drinking and lack of sleep! But im back now and ready to start working on reviews and swatches again! especially for all those Marcelle/Anabelle goodies i receive! *yay* hehe but for now, heres another quick outfit of the day.. just something easy but still polished :)

outfit details:
lace tank top - winners
wrap belt - h&m
black blazer - hong kong
denim shorts - bluenotes

and i'll throw in a face of the day too.. not wearing too much and im still looking pretty dead from the vegas trip haha so please excuse my "i-need-more-sleep" look :)

i will post up some random pictures from my trip soon so you can all see what i wore and how i did my makeup (kind of) lol it was a lot of fun mainly because i could really experiment with bolder eye looks, ones i would never be able to pull off normally! until then, have a wonderful week! <3

Friday, September 2, 2011

Marcelle Surprise Package!!

What a wonderful surprise!

I had been in contact with the lovely Isabel from Marcelle a while back and to my surprise, I came home today to a HUGE package! It turns out Isabel had kindly sent me a whole bunch of goodies to test out! and when i say a whole bunch... i mean it! I was speechless when i opened up the package and saw the amount of products inside!

A special note and HUGE thanks to lovely wonderful Isabel! Your package really brightened up my day life and i cant thank you enough! I am a huge fan of Marcelle/Anabelle products and this was really just lovely!!

As i will be spending my long weekend in VEGAS with some girlfriends (in fact, i will be boarding the plane very soon!! :D) I will be reviewing and swatching these products after i get back.. but for now, here's a sneak peek!

once again, a huge thanks to Isabel and the lovely team at Marcelle/Anabelle! I LOVE you guys! <3 please support them by following them on twitter and facebook! have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

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