Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Doll + Honeymoon = ♥

So i recently reviewed two of Hard Candy's blushes in the shades Living Doll and Honeymoon. Living doll is a gorgeous baby pink while honeymoon is a light peachy shade that shows up more as a glow/highlight shade for me. So here's a quick post showing what these two look like when combined together :)

i applied living doll lightly on the apples of my cheeks and then applied it heavier along the back end of my cheeks to contour a bit. i then applied honeymoon to the upper apples to really give it a nice glow.

if you look closely.. you can kind of see the peachy color!

note - i did apply these a bit heavier so that they would show up better on camera. the effect and colors are still true to reality, but i would buff it out a bit more so that it doesnt show up as harsh :)

kind of more like this

and a full fotd

i also tried applying just honeymoon and building it up more so that the peachy color slightly shows. I think if you have lighter skin tones, honeymoon would be a gorgeous shade to own. However, for medium to darker skintones, honeymoon's best effect would definately be its light peachy glow :)
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Monday, September 27, 2010

"Double The Fun" Giveaway! - CLOSED!

UPDATE: there will now be THREE prizes, meaning THREE winners! Scroll to bottom for more info on the third prize!
(Long story short: If you were previously unable to post your entry, you can send it to my email through this form here. I will accept both methods of entry, as long as i get it you'll be entered!)

I finally had the time to put together another little giveaway! Last giveaway turned out to be so much fun and i really want to host another one to thank all my readers for their support :) This time around, i have decided to give away TWO prize packages! So that means there will be TWO winners for DOUBLE the fun! :D (hence the name lol) Anyways, onto the prizes!

Prize A
Prize A Includes:
♥ KitKat in Framboise ♥
♥ My Beauty Diary Mask in Red Wine ♥
♥ ELF Custom Compact ♥
♥ ELF Custom Eyes - Pink Ice ♥
♥ ELF Custome Face - Glow ♥
♥ ELF Brightening Eye Color in Punk Funk ♥
♥ ELF Shimmer Pencil in Twinkle Teal ♥
♥ NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink ♥

Prize B Includes:
♥ KitKat in Sakura Green Tea ♥
♥ My Beauty Diary Mask in Red Wine ♥
♥ L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow in Tease ♥
♥ ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Goddess ♥
♥ ELF Brightening Eye Color in Drama ♥
♥ ELF Shimmer Pencil in Plum Passion ♥

goodies from Prize A

goodies from Prize A
the custom compact holds 4-5 shadows

goodies from Prize A
i know you all loved the kitkats, so heres another flavour for you!

goodies  from Prize B

 goodies from Prize B
my favourite kitkat flavour :) yummm!

Rules for entry (mandatory to win!):

1. You must be a follower! (click the "follow" button on the left sidebar!) Please comment below with your GFC username and tell me your email address so that i can notify you if you are one of the winners :)

Also, please let me know which prize package you are more interested in! At first i was just going to do 1st place=prizeA, 2nd=prizeB, but then i thought i'd give you the choice! So tell me which you like better :) The first name picked will get the package they stated while the second winner will get the remaining prize. If you dont mind either prize or left this part out, i will determine who gets what based on the other selected winner.

all of the above counts as ♥ 1 entry

 For additonal entries:

1. Tell me what you like best about Pinkbox Makeup :) ♥ 1 entry

2. Make a post about this giveaway with the provided picture and link back to this post. Please provide me a link so that i can verify. ♥ 2 entries

for blog posts (bigger size)

3. Post the provided picture on your sidebar and link back to this post. Again, please provide me with a link if you did so. ♥ 2 entries

for sidebar (smaller sized)

Please note: (blogs created for the sole purpose of entering giveaways will be disqualified. This giveaway is held because i want to thank my readers and i want to give each and every one of them a fair chance)
4. Follow me on Twitter! Click the button below! (@Pinkboxmakeup) ♥ 2 entries

5. Tweet about this giveaway! Your tweet must include my twitter username (@Pinkboxmakeup) so that i can keep track of entries, and the link to this giveaway ( Below is an example that you can copy and tweet :) ♥ 2 entries

If you do all of the above, you can have a total of 10 entries! I will be using all entries TWICE. The first time around will be for Prize A, the second time for Prize B. As a result, all entries are literally DOUBLED for DOUBLE the fun! :D

Additional Information:

1. this giveaway is open to all readers around the world!

2. if you are underage, please get permission first!

3. all items were purchased by me for the sole purpose of this giveaway. none have been opened, used or swatched in any way.

4. the giveaway will start now and will end on October 31st, 2010 at 11:59 pm MDT. All entries posted after this time will not be counted.

5. Winners will be picked randomly through and will be contacted by email once the giveaway is over. If they do not reply within one week, i will re-draw a new winner.

Possible Entry:
Below is one possible way you can write down all your entries! Just copy and paste it into the comment box and fill out the blanks :) If you need to, you can separate your entries but please make sure you use the same GFC name and email!
1. I am a follower under the name _____. If i were to win, i would prefer prize package __! ♥ 1
2. What i like best about Pinkbox Makeup is that ____♥ 1
3. I made a post and blogged about this giveaway! Here is the link: ____♥ 2
4. I have posted this giveaway on my sidebar! Here is the link: ____♥ 2
5. I am following @Pinkboxmakeup on twitter. My username is @____♥ 2
6. I also tweeted about this giveaway! (you may provide a link if you want) ♥ 2

total number of entries: ___
email: __________

And thats it! I hope i didnt make it more confusing than it needs to be lol .. i will be swatching and reviewing my ELF products that just came in the mail very shortly! Some of these future posts will feature the products that are included in this giveaway so keep your eyes open for those posts! That way, you can see how these products are and what they look like :) anyways,

 i wish you all the best of luck! :D

p.s: i feel like making this giveaway a bit more interactive, so keep reading those posts and be on the lookout for more ways to get more entries!! :D


I had a few followers who couldnt seem to post their entries on this post. I am sorry for this inconvience and as a result, i have added a third prize!

If you were/are unable to post your entry, please copy and paste your entry into this form here under the "message" box, fill out the require information and it will directly send your entry straight to my email.

If you have already successfully posted your entry and/or emailed me your entry, then dont worry! I will draw a third name from all the entries and the name drawn will get the third prize. no extra entry needed! As for the third prize...

♥ Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant ♥
♥ ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthy♥
♥ Annabelle Mineral Bronzer in Terra♥
♥ My Beauty Diary Mask in Red Wine♥

Close ups
Close ups

Thank you all for putting up with the whole commenting issue! I wish you all the best of luck :D

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annabelle Eyeshadow Swatches!

As I mentioned in my last post, today i'll share with you, my Annabelle mono eyeshadows!! I got alot of them recently because there was a 50% off sale at London Drugs and i picked them up for super cheap (some of the older ones were even marked down to $1 CAD!) :D but i am especially impressed with the newer ones that are still up on display! (those on the left palette). read on to find out why!

left palette - colors that are still available on display
right palette - colors from older collections

Palette One

Top left - Bronzed Idol
Top Right - Metallic Meltdown
Bottom left - Revolver
Bottom right - Divine Diva

left to right
Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Revolver, Divine Diva

left to right
Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Revolver, Divine Diva

Bronzed Idol - a deep warm bronze shade with shimmers
Metallic Meltdown - a warm gold with slight orange undertones and shimmers
Revolver - a mauvery grey with shimmers
Divine Diva - a plummy shade with slight brown undertones and shimmers

these colors (as you can see) are all shimmery. However, the glitter is finely milled so they dont feel gritty at all! i also found that these were actually really smooth and pigmented! This surprised me as the 3 shades i previously owned (vert-to-go, 203 & gleam, all featured below) were more sheer and need a few more swipes to build up the color. I think Annabelle really stepped it up with these new colors! so far, they have all swatched beautifully :) im especially loving the gorgeous gold and that mauvey grey!! <3 <3

Palette two
top left - #203
top right - vert-to-go
bottom left - pinked
bottom right - nymphet
middle - gleam

left to right
#203, pinked, gleam, vert-to-go, nymphet

left to right
#203, pinked, gleam, vert-to-go, nymphet

now im sure you can tell that these swatches are not quite as pigmented as the ones from above! however, i can guarantee you that i swatched them all the exact same way and that they are all swatched dry with no primer! i dont know if im the only one to experience this, but i do believe that Annabelle's newer mono eyeshadows are of better quality :)

#203 - a matte lilac shade
pinked - a bright fuschia pink with shimmers
gleam - a light beige wheat color with shimmers
vert-to-go - a gorgeouss olive green with shimmers
nymphet - a light aqua shade with shimmers

full swatches

full swatches

and some pics of a quick EOTD that i put together using gleam on inner corners, metallic meltdown in middle, and divine diva on outer corners. (im sorry. . the colors kind of got washed out :( really need to find a way to fix that!) oh, and ignore that crazy dark circle! schools been keeping me up late every night! :(

and heres another look featuring nymphet, revolver and pinked :) although the colors kind of got washed out again when i took the pictures :( boooooooooo!

my favourites from all of these?
Vert-to-go, Nymphet, Metallic Meltdown & Revolver :)
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Annabelle Hype 2010 Fall Colour Collection

I had some requests to do a review on Annabelle's Hype 2010 Fall Colour Collection and had to push it back because I recently just started school again and there was a lot to deal with first week just to get everything ready. Anyways, this might be a bit late, but its better than never! :)

Some of you might have seen me tweet the Annabelle display awhile back when i first discovered it at my local shoppers..

here are all the new products that came with this collection:

HYPE 2010 Fall Colour Collection
Colour Explosion

4 New Custom Quad Eyeshadow Shades
4 Custom Quad Eyeshadow Trend Shades
2 Limited Edition Hype Liquid Eyeliners
2 Limited Edition Smudgeliners
1 New Volumelip Colour

from the display, the ones that really caught my eye were..

the new eyeshadows (sorry its blurry!)
4 Custom Quad Shadows & 4 Mono Eyeshadows - $4.25 
8 new seasonal colours for your custom quad case:  lagoon,  fantasy, revolver, tutu, rainforest, ultraviolet, jazzberry, acid reflex

and the new studio pigment sets! if you wanted to test out these pigments, these sets are perfect for first time buyers! When i purchased my pigments, they were each at least $8 CAD, but here you get 4 for $15! (of course, they are smaller sized, but who can ever use up all their pigments? seriously!)

Studio Pigment Eye Pop - $14.99 - 4 loose pigments together in one case - Magnet Eyes: green/blue, cobalt blue, pink, white or Eye Pop: mustard yellow, spring green, purple, black

other products that are included in this collection but that i forgot to picture are:

2 Limited Edition Hype Liquid Eyeliners

$9.50 and available in Mystic black and Electric blue

2 Limited Edition Smudgeliners
available in Honey and Foxy Grey

1 Limited Edition Volumelip Plumping Gloss
$8.50, Poetic Mauve

and some swatches of the eyeshadows.. i apologize in advance because these were taken with my iphone and some of them got smudged... however, i hope you can still see how they look like!

note - i did find that the lighter colors (top row) swatched kind of chalky.. the darker (bottom row) colors however, were super smooth. maybe it was just me?

  acid reflex, rainforest, tutu, ultraviolet,
fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

 fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

acid reflex, rainforest, tutu, ultraviolet,
fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

and finally, here is a sneak peek of my current annabelle eyeshadow collection (not including pigments) although the colors of this collection are super pretty, i dont wear bright colors often, and therefore only picked up Revolver (a mauvy grey).. although i am really liking fantasy... might go get that next time i see it haha :P

i will be swatching all of my annabelle eyeshadows for next post so you can see what they look like! I recently picked up Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Divine Diva, Pinked and Nymphet because there was a sale at London Drugs (50% off!!). The left palette plus the dark forest green on the right are really great fall colors! i am really loving them!!

So tell me, have you tried Annabelle's eyeshadows before? Which ones are your favourite? or whats your favourite annabelle product? I know Annabelles a Canadian brand, so many of you might not have access to it, but is there anything that catches your eye? :)
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hard Candy Honeymoon Blush Results

So you know how much i wanted to get Hard Candy's blush in Honeymoon after i tried out Living Doll! I know i heard some reviews saying that this blush was super un-pigmented.. but i really liked the color of this blush so i decided to get it anyways. Swatching it at the store seemed to prove pretty decent results... or so i thought..

read on to find out if this blush turned out good or bad!

with flash

without flash

slight purple/pink veining

doesnt it just look amazing in pan? a gorgeous baby peach color with purple/pink veining.. soo pretty! if only what we see is what we get...

swatched heavily - no flash

swatched heavily - with flash

when swatched heavily (or even just a few finger swipes), you get this gorgeous light peach color that has a really pretty glow and a slight pink glow too. however, it seems almost too light and shimmery to be a blush.. most likely, this will be a highlighter for many people. Also.. when you blend away or start to apply this to your face...

blended out

blended out

the color disappears! :( :( oh how i wished the color was what it looked like in the pan! The light peach wouldve been amazing. But to save you from throwing this out or completely neglecting to use it.. i have to say that this adds a really pretty glow to your face! I have now decided to combine this blush (honeymoon) with my other one (living doll). Together, they make a GORGEOUS combo. I first use Living Doll to add a light baby pink on the apples of my cheeks, then, i build it up heavier near the back to sculpt my cheekbones and then finally, i add honeymoon to give a pretty glow and highlight the top of my cheeksl I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow of this overall effect and post to show you how it turns out :)
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