Sunday, January 30, 2011

MAC Satin Taupe $1 DUPE!

Dont you LOVE drugstore dupes of high end products?

Well, today i have another one for you :) This one is for my newest addition to my collection, MAC Satin Taupe :) This color is sooo gorgeous, and you can see my full review on it here. But if you're hoping to stay away from the expensive price tag, heres two other products you could pick up :)

MAC Satin Taupe

ELF Moondust ($1 Custom Eyes, online at
e.l.f. Essentials custom eyes

Wet N'  Wild Nutty ($4 at drugstores)

photo comparison of all three
(as always, click to enlarge)

and of course, swatches!

in artificial lighting

with flash

with flash

as you can see, although wnw's nutty is somewhat lighter in shade compared to satin taupe, but elf's moondust is actually quite similar to satin taupe!! I think we have a dupe!! :D


but just to make sure, here are the same three shades, blended out :)

as you can see, when blended out, both wnw's nutty and elf's moondust are almost identical to satin taupe! this is because satin taupe has a warm brown undertone, so when blended out, it loses some of its darker purpleish shade and therefore, is much more similar to wnw's nutty than previously.

What about the quality differences?
quality wise, I actually do think all three are similar in pigmentation, all are very very good! all three also have a very buttery texture although I have to say that both wnw and elf eyeshadows are almost TOO buttery, causing the eyeshadow to crumble easily. this is possibly one of the differences between drugstore and high-end.

in addition, I do think that satin taupe (when not blended) has more dimension and shine to it, looking more purple, taupe or brown in certain angles. elf's moondust is somewhat comparable as it does have a similar shade and sheen but it is not as multi dimensional as satin taupe.

I would say that these two eyeshadows are definitely very good dupes! especially since they cost $1 and $3-4 (elf moondust and wnw nutty respectively) compared to $17.50 or $13 cad for just the refill! so if you're tight on money, I would highly recommend these drugstore dupes!

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