Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smooth Silky Skin with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

I love that smooooth silky touch

First off, im so sorry i havent posted in awhile! My camera's memory card wasnt working and i freaked out because i had taken so many product pictures and swatches on it prior to that.. luckily, my dad somehow fixed it and now i finally have pictures to put into my post!

I was recently (okay i lie.. im really behind in doing these reviews! opps!) sent some products from the lovely people at Reviva Labs to review (and giveaway! - that will come later :)) The two products i received were their Makeup Primer and their Light Skin Peel. Today, we will focus on the primer :)

Now we all know primers all seem to be very similar, they all give us smooth silky skin, help make foundation application easier, make foundation last longer etc etc.. so what makes this one so different you ask?

well first, lets take a look at the product itself :)

yup thats right! men too :D

ohh how i LOVE products with expiration dates printed CLEARLY for me to see!
packaged in a sturdy glass-like bottle, this primer comes with a super easy to use pump function. (did i ever mention how much i love products with pumps? i just loveee the control you get!) the product itself is a tad on a liquid-y side.. something different from the usual thick primers we use.

here you can see the product is not a thick gel like substance, in fact, its quite liquid-y!

very smooth consistency

after.. all moisturizer and ready to "apply makeup!"

first the goooooood :)
this primer makes my face suuuuuper silky smooth! I love the texture of this primer because it is not a thick gel-like product, rather, it is quite liquid-y making it smooth on easier and also feel less like you applied lard all over your face (eww!). plus, you know how sometimes when you apply foundation too quick after moisturizer/primer and you end up with that gunky stuff balling up on your face? well, it wont happen with this primer! :)

and of course, the usual "extends the staying power of your foundation", "increases the coverage of your foundation" & "boosts the pigmentation of your products" all come into play! :D

and then, the bad...
hmmm.. bringing out the critical side of me, i would have to say that this primer can seem to be a bit oilier than other primers.. most likely because of the consistency. Also, it does take a tad longer than other primers to absorb into your skin. however, once it does though, it really does create a very nice base for your makeup :) but we already went through that lol.

the other point i'd like to make would probably be that it is not as affordable as we'd all like. retailing for $19.50 and only available online (from what i know), makes it slightly difficult for everyone to try and use this product.

but other than that, i quite like this primer! i have been using it daily since i got it and even though its an extra step to my makeup routine, i really do have to say it does make a difference :) so for all those who arent using a makeup primer atm, seriously, give it a try! you'll notice a difference for sure :)

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