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hi there! ♥

First off, im so glad you decided to stop by my blog and even more happy that you're on this page :) I may not be a makeup artist or a fashion stylist, but i am totally in love with anything beauty, makeup and fashion related and this blog provides me with the perfect opportunity to share my personal experiences and opinions with those who feel the same as i do :)

Me in general - physical features
So in order to clear up any questions or confusions about my skintone, ethnicity, age etc.. i thought i'll just put it up here so you can all come back here for reference. i hope this will be helpful, especially if you're looking at my swatches and wanting to know how it would match you! :)

      Skintone & Ethnicity
I am 100% chinese and therefore have medium, yellow toned skin. I would say i am around a NC 25 in MAC terms. The foundation i use most often is Revlon Photoready in 004 nude, which is a very close match for me :) although i also use Revlon Photoready in 005 natural beige (which is one shade darker) to mix sometimes and during summertime when im a tad darker. 

I have combination skin, meaning my t-zone areas can get oily whereas my cheeks can get dry. I suffer from acne scarring and a few blemishes here and there but usually, no major acne *yay*! However, i do suffer from pretty bad dark circles, a result of both genetic reasons and many long nights of studying and doing homework.. (or blogging :p)

For simply personal preference, i like to stick to gel moisturizers. creams and lotions just feel too sticky and oily for my face. Ever since i got my pink clarisonic, i have been using it every night (not mornings!) to cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser. My skin isnt too sensitive but i find that a simple basic cleanser does better for my face than acne targeted cleansers. Also, i like to use a sheet mask once a week or so to hydrate my face and freshen up my skin :)

I have medium length (used to be long until i chopped it off! now its slowly growing back) black hair, but in direct sunlight, it looks lighter brown. I havent colored my hair for years  because im quite happy with my natural hair color. My hair is very thin and fairly straight. I dont use any hair products in my hair other than my aveeno shampoo and conditioner. For hair styling, i usually stick to towel drying, some blow drying and some hair straightening, but never for too long so as to limit heat damage.


and thats it! Sorry it got so lengthy lol i totally congratulate you if you read through all of it! haha thank you! <3 <3 but anyways, im always up for answering any questions or just chatting if you want to, so please dont be scared to leave me a comment or shoot me an email :) i will do my best to reply to each and every one of you as soon as possible! <3 thank you SO much for visiting and i hope you enjoy my blog!

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