Thursday, September 23, 2010

Annabelle Hype 2010 Fall Colour Collection

I had some requests to do a review on Annabelle's Hype 2010 Fall Colour Collection and had to push it back because I recently just started school again and there was a lot to deal with first week just to get everything ready. Anyways, this might be a bit late, but its better than never! :)

Some of you might have seen me tweet the Annabelle display awhile back when i first discovered it at my local shoppers..

here are all the new products that came with this collection:

HYPE 2010 Fall Colour Collection
Colour Explosion

4 New Custom Quad Eyeshadow Shades
4 Custom Quad Eyeshadow Trend Shades
2 Limited Edition Hype Liquid Eyeliners
2 Limited Edition Smudgeliners
1 New Volumelip Colour

from the display, the ones that really caught my eye were..

the new eyeshadows (sorry its blurry!)
4 Custom Quad Shadows & 4 Mono Eyeshadows - $4.25 
8 new seasonal colours for your custom quad case:  lagoon,  fantasy, revolver, tutu, rainforest, ultraviolet, jazzberry, acid reflex

and the new studio pigment sets! if you wanted to test out these pigments, these sets are perfect for first time buyers! When i purchased my pigments, they were each at least $8 CAD, but here you get 4 for $15! (of course, they are smaller sized, but who can ever use up all their pigments? seriously!)

Studio Pigment Eye Pop - $14.99 - 4 loose pigments together in one case - Magnet Eyes: green/blue, cobalt blue, pink, white or Eye Pop: mustard yellow, spring green, purple, black

other products that are included in this collection but that i forgot to picture are:

2 Limited Edition Hype Liquid Eyeliners

$9.50 and available in Mystic black and Electric blue

2 Limited Edition Smudgeliners
available in Honey and Foxy Grey

1 Limited Edition Volumelip Plumping Gloss
$8.50, Poetic Mauve

and some swatches of the eyeshadows.. i apologize in advance because these were taken with my iphone and some of them got smudged... however, i hope you can still see how they look like!

note - i did find that the lighter colors (top row) swatched kind of chalky.. the darker (bottom row) colors however, were super smooth. maybe it was just me?

  acid reflex, rainforest, tutu, ultraviolet,
fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

 fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

acid reflex, rainforest, tutu, ultraviolet,
fantasy, revolver,  jazzberry, lagoon

and finally, here is a sneak peek of my current annabelle eyeshadow collection (not including pigments) although the colors of this collection are super pretty, i dont wear bright colors often, and therefore only picked up Revolver (a mauvy grey).. although i am really liking fantasy... might go get that next time i see it haha :P

i will be swatching all of my annabelle eyeshadows for next post so you can see what they look like! I recently picked up Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Divine Diva, Pinked and Nymphet because there was a sale at London Drugs (50% off!!). The left palette plus the dark forest green on the right are really great fall colors! i am really loving them!!

So tell me, have you tried Annabelle's eyeshadows before? Which ones are your favourite? or whats your favourite annabelle product? I know Annabelles a Canadian brand, so many of you might not have access to it, but is there anything that catches your eye? :)
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