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Double Tag Post !

- Vacation Note -

I am currently on vacation so the following post is an older post that i wrote up a while back. I have already scheduled a few posts to be automatically posted during the course of my vacation so dont worry, there will still be posts to read! I apologize in advance because i dont think i will be getting any internet connection and therefore will not be able to reply to comments and questions. However, please feel free to continue on commenting and emailing as i will for sure reply to all once i come home or if i ever get internet connection. thank you and enjoy!

P.S. - i am most likely going to start my next giveaway when i come back.. so bookmark Pinkbox Makeup and check back for updates of when it'll start and what you can do to win! :D Im still deciding if i should do one bigger giveaway prize or two smaller ones. let me know which one you think is better in the comments!
- and now.. onto the post! -

I was tagged by the lovely LisaMarie from Makeup & Beauty Talk with LisaMarie to answer some fun questions :D i think these things are fun and you can definately learn a bit more about other people through reading them, so here goes!

* What's your Favorite Makeup Look???
i usually like to keep my makeup simple and soft so i would probably say my favourite look is just a neutral brown with a pop of coral in the middle... to get this look, i usually take a shimmery beige or lighter color on the inner half of my eyes,  a shimmery bronze or brown on the outer corners and a pretty shimmery coral right in the middle :) i think the coral really adds a nice effect and helps make my eyes stand out a bit more. 

* What part of your Body do you Love??
mmm if i still had my long hair, i would say that... but i dont anymore :( so i'll go with my eyes. As with my hair, my eyes seem to be a deeper brown when im indoors. however, when they catch the sunlight, they're actually quite a light ambery brown.. weird i know haha but i kind of like it :)

* Who is your beauty Icon??
uhhhh.. theres so many gorgeous beauties out there, but right now, i think i'll go with Kim Kardashian. She has the most gorgeous looking smokey eyes which i totally am jealous of and wish i could rock! She also has amazing cheekbones and a flawless face.. need i say more?

 * What Beauty Product makes you Feel instantly Good??? 

hmmmm.... makeup wise, i think mascara or blush. I could do with just wearing these two out. Mascara makes your eyes instantly bigger and brighter while blush gives you a nice glow & flush which makes you look more awake and not sick/dead :), plus.. it helps give you more defined cheekbones! if we're not talking about makeup, then i would definately go with nail polish! I have a recent obsession with nail art and everytime i finish doing my nails, i instantly feel good about myself :)

* How do you look after your skin??
I do my best to pamper my skin because after all, less makeup is more and without good skin, we cant do less makeup! I always always always wash off my makeup before i go to bed. Even after nights out where i just want to go to bed and sleep, i make sure to at least use makeup wipes and take off as much as i can. I also exfoliate with a scrub a couple times a week, and also use a gentler scrub during the other times. Sometimes when i have some free time at night, i like to put on a mask (usually my beauty diary masks) to revitalize my skin and leave it feeling super soft :) Oh, i almost forgot.. i try to use Herbalife's herbal aloe everyday soothing gel whenever i can (after i cleanse my face). I put on a thick layer all over my face and leave it until it dries.. it is not only amazingg for making my face soft and refreshed but it also helps with acne scaring!

* What is your Signature Scent!!??
I have recently found my new scent! (which i'll be posting about in a few days) It is Narciso Rodriguez' for her eau de toilette! i loveeeee the smell and it is now my signature scent :)

* What's your hair care secrets?
Its not much of a secret, but i stopped dying my hair awhile back after several years of dying.. i find that now, my hair is much less damaged and fried and much more softer. I also found that washing my hair every other day is much better than every day, as it allows your natural oils to form and let your hair stay healthy. Other than some heat protectant and some dry shampoo, i rarely use any hair products. I dont really know why.. i guess i just never got into the habit of doing so...

* How do you pamper yourself?
With a nice face mask, some good music and lots of free time for me to redo my nails.. and im not just talking about a couple layers of polish. im talking about all out glitter, nail art, rhinestones and/or decals :) fun fun fun!

* Finally How do you have a Beauty Philosophy??
Not much of a philosophy.. but i think less is more. Of course there are time where i like to put on more makeup and false lashes, but normally.. i tend to just go with mascara and liner. I think if you find a feature of your face that you really like, (whether it is eyes, lips or cheeks), just focus on that and tone down everything else. That way, you wont look overdone, but you will still have that one feature that catches people's attention.

I tagg...
ALL OF YOU! I know this is a longer tag, so im not going to tag specific bloggers. but if you have the free time, i would love to hear your views and answers to these questions! :D

Next up, is a 4 things tag from the lovely Julianne at Bathroom Dancer.

4 things in my bag/purse:
- Brown & Pink Gucci Wallet
- H&M Makeup Bag
- Iphone 4 w/ "shore" gelaskin
- The body shop vitamin e face mist

my new gelaskin!

4 favorite things in my room:
- My stuffed animals :)
- My PAX closet from Ikea
- My green star light & light green walls
- My flowers + dried flowers

flowers from ikea

4 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- get a puppy - a pomeranian or bichon shihtzu
- travel the world (i LOVE hk and japan, but would love to go to korea and other places!)
- watch a really good basketball game live - preferably kobe vs lebron
- meet someone REAL famous - celebrity, makeup artist or basketball player :)

4 things I’m currently into:
- Nail art !! including decorating with rhinestones etc & konad stamping
- Iphone apps or anything iphone related
- Organizing / Storage / home decorating
- Naruto.. you probably dont know what that is haha but its an anime & i used to watch alot of it. i stopped awhile back during finals one year, and only just started to catch up on it. soo good :)

4 things I bet you didn't know about me:
- I've only gotten obsessed over makeup recently... i'd say in the past year or so
- I've played the piano ever since i was 5 years old.. but stopped recently. kind of want to start it up again
- I love organizing stuff, but in reality, im really messy and clumsy :(
- I was actually born in hong kong, but moved to canada when i was 4 years old

4 songs I can't get out of my head:
- Billionarie - Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars
- Airplanes - B.O.B ft Eminem
- Hey Soul Sister - Train
- Just the way you are - Bruno mars

- Once tagged you must link the person who tagged you.
- Tag 4 other bloggers.
- Let the bloggers know they have been tagged. (unfortunately, i'll have to do this when i get back! sorry!)
- Give 4 answers to each question asked.

My Tags:
1. Blushingloves
2. Renay from ...she speaks of beauty
3. Agnes from Beauty Vibes
4. Erynn from emotion in motion

And those are my two tags! Sorry for the long post everyone :) It'll be back to makeup posts tomorrow!
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