Friday, September 17, 2010

New Lovee - Hard Candy Blush

Along with my Hard Candy eyeshadow duo, i also purchased this gorgeous blush called Living Doll. It is such a pretty color! The mixture of colors kind of remind me of a MSF, but of course, this one is less pigmented and not as finely milled as the MSF. However, with that said, this has been my new "go-to" blush as it is the prettiest bright baby pink with a slight shimmer that just gives your face a nice glow. <3

gorgeous pink with yellow veining

outer packaging, cuteee!

swatch in natural lighting - applied heavily

 swatch with flash - applied heavily

when blended out

blended out with flash

Packaging Overview - 4.5/5
The packaging (as with all other hard candy products) is just adorable! i love the patterns that are on the compact and the giant window in the middle so that you can see the product clearly. I also like how the packaging is very very sturdy. Even after a rough day in my purse, i can see this blush coming out clean and untouched (although i wouldnt recommend you just throwing it in your purse!) The only downside where i took off some points was that it is made out of, what feels like, a cheap plastic material. Or maybe thats just because it was clear and white. Maybe making the packaging black might give off a more "high end" feel..or maybe its just me :)

Product Overview - 4/5
i loveeeeee this color! its such a pretty pink that is super fun and makes you look and feel more youthful. There is very little shimmer, but if you look closely, it is there! The slight shimmer plus the yellow veining helps give you that "glow" so you can even skip on highlighter if you're in a hurry! However, the drawback would be the pigmentation.. looking at the product itself, you expect it to be insanely pigmented. However, like the eyeshadow duo i reviewed earlier, this product lacks in pigmentation and you do need a couple swipes before achieving the color shown above. Unlike the eyeshadow, i dont intend on foiling this.. but since blush is something you can slowly build up to your desired color, i dont think this lack of pigmentation is too much of a drawback.

- gorgeous color
- sturdy and cute packaging
- slight shimmer & yellow veining gives "glow" effect
- youthful color that brightens your face
- inexpensive

- lack pigmentation
- packaging, although sturdy, seems to be made of a cheaper plastic

Overall - 4/5
I am loving this blush at the moment! Its easy to just throw on for school days because the lack of pigmentation actually helps me out in not overapplying! As a result, i get nice flushed cheeks that looks healthy and not like i overapplied makeup. *yay*

these are the other shades available

and i really really want this shade! Its called Honeymoon and its supposed to be a really pretty light peach shade with purple veining. Definately going to go pick this up asap! I will post swatches once i do get it :)

have you tried this before? or any of their other shades? Let me know!

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