Sunday, September 19, 2010

As Requested, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils EOTD!

Some of my readers have requested to see how the NYX jumbo eye pencils look when applied. Below are several shots of me wearing the bronze shade (french fries) on my outer crease and lower lashline, the shimmery white (cottage cheese) on my inner corners and the gunmetal shade (slate) as a liner. Please note that all i used on the eye (other than mascara) were the 3 NYX jumbo pencils that i reviewed. No other eyeshadow or base were used to show the true colors and effect of these pencils.

note - for some reason, the closed lid pictures came out really blurry so i cant post them :( sorry!

as you can see, the shimmery white (cottage cheese) blends away way too easily. i already tried my best not to blend it out too much, but the result was still the same.. if you have this or were looking into this, i would highly recommend that you use this as a base. layering a shimmery white shadow on top makes a HUGE difference as the jumbo pencil helps bring out the shade more. the gunmetal and bronze however, are quite nice on their own. although i would use these as a base as well, on lazy days.. i wouldnt mind just throwing together this look :) 

Overall, i think these pencils did quite well. Heres a trick for limiting creasing - if you use your finger to lightly tap and blend the color after you apply it to your lids, you can actually reduce the amount of creasing you get later on the day! I wore this look for a full day and am glad to report that near the end of the day, although the color faded and smudged slightly, there were no creasing and it still looked pretty good (except that the white had almost faded to nothing) Of course, creasing also depends on how oily and how hooded your lids are so this may not work for everyone :(

i hope this helps! good luck :)

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