Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peach Glitter NOTD - Cruise Nails Tutorial

This is the NOTD that i did prior to heading on my cruise. I originally saw this from a talented youtubber "LOVE4NAILS" and did my best to recreate it. Of course, i suck with nail art haha so it doesnt look nearly as good as hers.. but oh well, i tried :) and i did like how it turned out so here is my tutorial on how i achieved this NOTD. If you want, check out LOVE4NAILS youtube video for better instructions!

my final notd :)

step one - base color
since i was going for a peachy summer look, (and based on LOVE4NAILS' youtube video) i used revlon's scented nail polish in peach smoothie as my base. You can use any color of your choice, just make sure this one is the lighter of the two colors! make sure this coat is completely dry before moving onto the next step!

this is how peach smoothie looks when applied :) and yes, it seriously smells like a peach smoothie! yummmmmm

step two - use a sponge!
taking a makeup sponge and a darker color from the same family, apply some polish onto the sponge..

like so...

and then dab it onto the tips of your nails! please make sure your base color is completely dry because if it isnt, you wont be able to dab the darker color on very well! if you feel like the color isnt going on too well, take your time! let it dry and then add another layer to make it darker :)

heres what my nails look like afterwards. you could always just paint on the color if you want a more bold look, but i like the sponge technique as it gives more of a gradient effect.

step three - glitter time!
i absolutely LOVE  this nail polish from sally hansen. it's 04 silver slightblade, and its pretty much just a bunch of sparkly glitter with an overall slight silver hint. This nail polish can turn any other polish into a whole new manicure. if i ever get a bit bored of my nails, i just paint this overtop and its a whole different look as the sparkles add a whole new dimension! anyways, for this step.. i applied this polish to 3/4 of my nail leaving the very top plain.

step four - add black lines
using either nail paint pens or a brush, dip into a black polish and draw three lines following the shape in the picture.

these are the pens i used which i recently re-found and lovee

step five - add silver lines!
taking a silver polish, add two more lines inbetween the black ones.

step six - rhinestone time! (optional)
at this point, you can choose to add a rhinestone to the inner corner where the lines meet. this not only helps hide any mistakes, but also creates a nice center for your nails. You can experiement with whatever color of rhinestone you'd like. heres what red looks like!

or if you like plain silver rhinestones better...

in the end, i chose to go with no rhinestones as i was heading on my cruise and i didnt want any rhinestones coming off during and peeling off the rest of my nail.

this would be the finished look atm if you decided to stop here with no rhinestones.

step seven - add some pink flowers!
taking a pink polish and either a dotting tool or a bobby pin, add random pink dots along the black lines! you can also add a dot where the lines meet if you chose not to add any rhinestones. This gives the nails more of a summery look and also adds more dimension. dont forget to add a couple layers of top coat to protect your hard work!

and you're done!

i hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how i achieved my peach glitter nails that i wore on the cruise. unfortunately, i guess all that salt water from the ocean and water activities wore down my nails and near the end of the cruise, i had quite a few nails that had chipped off :( but then again, i do have others that have stayed perfectly intact.. weird! lol

anyways.. i think i'm going to be starting a series of posts to show my makeup collection atm and my top 5 picks from certain categories.. i have only started collecting within this past year as i never was super into makeup prior to that.. so my makeup collection is probably nothing compared to a lot of you. but with that said, i'll do my best to show you my top picks and swatch them all together for you so you can really see the differences between each product!
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