Saturday, November 20, 2010

Frosted Tips w/ White Pearls NOTD & Tutorial

Want some pretty elegant nails for the winter season? Here's a quick and easy notd & tutorial! :) If you have some nail stickers laying around, you can always decorate accordingly to make your nails more fancy!

finished look (4th nail sticker is optional)

finished look (4th nail sticker is optional)

Step One: Base Coat
swatch of nailene's petal pusher with flash
take a clear coat or a light sheer pink color and apply all over nail as a base coat. I used nailene's french manicure in petal pusher. I love this because it gives a nice healthy sheen to my nails without looking like i applied anything :)

swatch of nailene's petal pusher without flash

Step two: Nail stickers (optional)

If you want, you can apply a nail sticker on one or all of your nails. This is completely up to you so be creative! I just applied one onto my fourth nail because i always like to differentiate my fourth finger to add some contrast :)

Step Three: White "Pearls"
taking a dotting tool, bobby pin (or an extra ds stylus in my case :p), dip it in some white nail polish and create a ring of "pearls" along the bottom 1/4 of your nail. You can vary this notd depending on how big your pearls are.. i kept mine smaller so it looks a bit more elegant :)

Step Four: Add some Glitter!
opps.. forgot to put the pearls on the fourth finger here haha
Taking a sheer glitter shade (i used sally hansen's silver slightblade (LOVE this)), apply it heavily to the tips of your nails working a bit of it slightly upwards over the pearls. You want to create kind of a gradient effect with the glitter focusing on the tips so it makes your nails look longer than they actually are.

and you're done!
four easy steps to create this pretty pearly look for winter :)

i hope you enjoyed this short tutorial! Ive been pretty busy with school lately which is why there is a HUGE lack of swatching and eotd on my blog :( sorrry! Im going to try to get some swatching done this weekend and i promise to get more eotd and tutorials for eye looks up soon!

Plus.. I just picked up the last urban decay naked palette from sephora yesterday so im SUPER psyched to test it out and create some natural/dramatic looks with it :) I know you guys have seen a billion swatches for the naked palette since it came out, but does anyone still want to see more swatches? haha let me know if you do and i'll gladly swatch it :) if not, i'll focus on creating looks and tutorials! Thanks and have a great weekend!!
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