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Physicians Formula Eye Makeup Remover Pads - An Organic Way to Take Off Makeup!

Are you always on the search for natural organic products? Do you love the heavenly scent of lavender? I think its time you tried Physicans Fomula Eye Makeup Remover Pads!

I bought this 3-pack recently at Costco for around $18 (I lost the receipt but its close to that price!).. which is pretty good considering they usually retail for $7 each :)

[btw.. I love how Costco always sells stuff for cheaper.. except you have to tradeoff with the fact that its always in bulk! >=( ]

anyways, some information on the product itself :)

From their website:
"Hypoallergenic. 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals. 100% Free of Synthetic Preservatives. 100% Free of Parabens. 100% Free of GMO's. 100% Free of Synthetic Colors. 100% Free of Synthetic Fragrances. 100% Cruelty Free. "


These come packaged in a little plastic holder... which i then decided to also be 'environmentally friendly' and make use of it as a jewlery holder! i love finding different uses for stuff i dont need hehe :D you should always try to make use of what you have already! helps save some more money... to buy more makeup HAHA
tada! these are a great fit for my bracelets :) and the little dent from the packaging allows for them to stay in their spots! yay!

theres also a flap so you can close it up (although no clasp to hold it down), but it'll be nice to keep out dust. Or if you have extra room and lots of braclets, you could cut the top off and use it as another holder :)

their new home :) yay!

anyways.. back to the review! :p

each of these jars contain 60 pads pre-soaked with makeup remover. if you normally dont wear too much makeup, one pad will do, meaning this could last you for 2 months! If you need to use 2 a day, then it'll last one month. Still not too shabby considering the price!

opening it up.... theres a little cardboard-ish flap that sits between the lid and the pads. im guessing this is to help keep the pads moistened and prevent them from drying out as fast :)

Heres the inside!

and just another picture to show you the thickness of the pads. they were thinner than i expected! but surprisingly enough, very very strong!

Packaging Overview - 3/5
I love the look of this little jar :) Its super cute and definitely very sturdy. The cap twirls shut pretty tightly so theres little chance the pads will dry out. The downside to this though, is that when you're about halfway down the jar, i can imagine that it'll get pretty hard to stick your fingers in and pull out the pads... just a guess though, you never know :) Plus, it takes up a bit more room than you usual makeup remover, but at least it looks cute right? haha

Product Overview - 3/5
I love the scent of this!! its got a nice pleasant lavender scent which i really like! Its also got some great stuff! heres what the website says:

"Formulated with Eco-Aroma Therapy™ to condition and soothe: OrganiSoy® to moisturize and help nourish lashes; Eco-Olive®, natural antioxidant, to help shield lashes from harsh environmental aggressors; Organic Orange Water to help nourish and restore delicate skin's moisture balance; Organic Lavender Essential Oil, sweet, natural scent for a calming effect."

and although i havent used it long enough to see if it does help nourish and shield my lashes or skin, i find that my skin felt extra soft and smooth after using this! It almost felt as if i had already cleansed and moisturized my skin, but of course that wasnt the case!

Cleaning-wise, i would say this product does an alright job. It removed the majority of my makeup pretty quickly and easily, without the need for me to scrub harder or anything. However, i could see that on days with heavier eye makeup (with primer and all!) this pad might need some extra help. The worst thing for me though, is that it doesnt remove waterproof makeup!! :( .. why physicians formula why?!?! I use covergirl's lashblast volume in waterproof on a daily basis so a waterproof makeup remover is a must :( oh, and did i mention that the pads were super strong? you definitely wont have to worry about breaking through them!

Overall - 3/5
I wish i could love this and use this on a daily basis just because of the scent and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards.. however, i dont see myself giving up covergirls' lashblast volume anytime soon so i guess i'll keep a jar around for lighter makeup days and pass the rest to my mom :( I might try using this for my face and another remover for my eyes... haha does that sound like too much work? we'll see what happens :)

anyways. if you wear light makeup on a daily basis (no waterproof or heavy duty primers!) then i would highly recommend you try this! Otherwise, i think its best to hold off until physicians formula decides to come up with pads that remove waterproof makeup :)

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