Thursday, October 20, 2011

Im Really Sorry For Being MIA!

 I hate to leave you all hanging...

but to be honest, life has been crazily busy atm and as sad and guilty i feel about this, i really havent had the time to sit down, swatch and review products.. and trust me, theres a ton that i really want to share with you all because they are amazing products!

for those interested in knowing why i have slowly stopped posting as often as i'd like (*eek! sorry. i know its horrible) i actually recently got a new job! Its an accounting office job so while 99% of you may think that is super boring, i actually fall in the crazy 1% who enjoys it more than i should lol :) *nerd face*

haha but to be honest, im not enjoying it JUST because im the biggest. nerd. ever. surprising? haha no, its really because:

a) i have just started my new job so everything is still really new and amazing
b) i am meeting all kinds of lovely amazing people
c) i can kinda sorta play "dress-up" every morning as i absolutely ADORE business casual outfits <3
d) i now have a paycheck which equals more shopping for more outfits & makeup <3
e) my office is right across from a mall. so yup! thats right, my paycheck's gone before i get it! ;)

lol so all in all, life's been good! but on top of a full time job, im also taking an online course. which really makes things difficult! i originally took the course so i wouldnt be sitting around (this was BEFORE i got the job).. and now im going crazy trying to make days last longer so i have enough time to fit everything in! haha 

anyways, sorry to bore you all with all thats happening! I promise once i get some free time, i will swatch everything like crazy and sneak in posts here and there! Please bear with me for a bit! But until then, i hope you all are having a wonderful fall :) xoxo!

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