Sunday, March 27, 2011

Before & After - Sleek Primer Palette

How Well Did It Hold Up? You Decide...

Now that you've seen the swatches and heard my 'initial' review of the Sleek Primer Palette (click here if you havent!), i think its about time to show you how it really holds up.. with some eye looks :)

this is the eye look i tested it with

Firstly, i applied two shades from the primer palette - the coral shade all over my lid, and the shimmery white in my inner corners.

just primer

just primer

and while i was rummaging through my makeup stash to get my wet n wild palettes... look what happened :(

slight creasing already?!?!

Ignoring that, i patted on some shadows from my depotted wet n wild palettes. I used a shimmery light beige on inner corners and highlight, a matte coral all over the lid and just a tad of a darker beige in the outer corners. Next, i used a shimmery gunmetal shadow to line my eyes and applied mascara.

with eyeshadow and mascara

with eyeshadow and mascara

and here's some full face shots :) so you can see what it looks like.

close up

okay.. now for the moment of truth! this was taken at the end of the night.. it was a pretty long day, i'd say i put on my makeup at around 8 am and took it off around 10 pm lol

this eye seems to be alright... but scroll down a bit further and prepare to be shocked *gasp*

So as you can see, one eye had slight creasing but the other eye suffered horribly. Although you cant really tell because of the lighting, the colors were also fading and my eyeliner was nearly all gone! (i use a shadow as a liner daily after i apply some concealer all around my eyes and that normally holds up quite well throughout the day)

So... im not sure about you guys, but i dont think i want my shadows to crease THIS badly :( if it was only as much as the first eye.. i could probably bear with it because the colors in this palette were sooo gorgeous.. but i dont know if i could handle the risk.. can you?

Let me know what you guys think! and have a great week!

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