Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet Sumo ♥

The newest member to our family :)

Hi everyone! Im sorry for not posting in awhile! things have been reeeeally busy not only because of school and midterms, but also because we picked up our new baby bichon shih tzu on saturday! :D She is 9 weeks old and is just adoraaable! As you can see in the title of this post, we named her Sumo :) Here are some pictures of her! I will also be posting videos of her on my youtube channel if you'd like to watch :) 

Also, I will be counting and validating the entries for my sigma f80 giveaway asap! This will probably be in a few days since i still want to let Sumo get used to her new surroundings :) but once i do, i will input the entries into and will then announce and mail out the prizes to the 2 winners. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and sorry for the wait!

and now, onto the pictures :)

and a short clip :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it! i will be posting more videos and pictures of her in the future :) but dont worry, once she's more settled in, i will get right back on posting product reviews and swatches! thanks so much for all your patience :) have a great day!

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