Friday, March 25, 2011

How Well Does Sleek Primer Palette Hold Up?

a Rainbow of Primers!

Today i'll be showing you guys the swatches of the Sleek Primer Palette! As previously mentioned in the past post, I won this from a giveaway and was very excited to test out my first sleek product! Here's some pictures again of the palette :)

 and the swatches...

sorry.. not sure why my camera couldnt focus =/

sorry.. not sure why my camera couldnt focus =/

note: all colors do have shimmer except the black which seems to be quite matte


lets start with the good...
These colors are gorgeous! The consistency and texture of these are very creamy and smooth, making them blend easily. When applied on the lids, it feels very light and not very greasy. Applying shadows on top seem to be pretty good as well. The colors show up much more vibrant and last a tad longer than usual. As seen above, when finger swatched, these show up with immense pigmentation! All swatches of course, were done with just one swipe :)

then of course, the bad...
Unfortunately, when applied to my lids, the colors seem to lack the same pigmentation! therefore, it would be safe to say that these are definitely NOT meant to be worn alone. Also, im afraid i have to break the bad news, these primers definitely CREASE! I do have slightly oiler lids than average, so that could have added to the problem, but if you were expecting absolutely no creasing, you'd be disappointed :( Plus, at the end of a long day, i found that my shadows were starting to slowly disappear and fade as well...

Stay tuned for an update post...
I will be posting again to show you before and after pics, but so far.. i've experienced creasing within a few hours.. :( i'm planning to give it another go, but on top of another primer this time, so we'll see how that holds up!

Let me know what you think so far! I'd hate to give this product a bad review considering its my first test drive into sleek products, but the creasing and fading colors so far just dont impress me *sigh*

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