Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drugstore Blush RAVE - Rimmel Powder Blush

Another drugstore blush rave!

Last time around, i raved about L'oreal's true match blush in innocent flush, (click here for review and swatches) well.. this time, its the Rimmel London Powder Blushes! I have these in 3 shades, 101 Pink Sugar, 102 Santa Rose and a new addition to my collection, 001 Spring Flower.

Pink Sugar, Spring Flower, Santa Rose

Spring Flower,
Pink Sugar, Santa Rose

Some close ups of each :)

101 Pink Sugar
a gorgeous shimmery pink, if you love the usual pink blushes, you'll love this one as well! It is filled with shimmers but once applied, doesnt look too overly shimmery :)

001 Spring Flower
this blush gives you variety and choice :) although the sections of each shade is not too big, you could definitely use each separately or mix and match to your liking. I like mixing the two lighter shades for a natural light pink cheeks and adding on the darker rose shade for nights out :)

102 Santa Rose
this is my favourite out of the three shades because the color is different from my usual pinks and corals. This is more of a muted nude pink which is GORGEOUS for everyday wear :) shows up as just a slight neutral flush <3 loveee it!

Packaging 3.5/5
Simple open and close compact, definitely less bulky compared to other blushes. However, the lid feels a bit filmsy and can get loose and shaky over time. A brush is included, but in my opinion, it sucks and does not add any value to the product. Overall, the compact itself is nothing too special but your blush should be safe unless you plan on throwing it around alot.

What i really DID like about the packaging though, was the attention to details. That is, im talking about the cute little crown embedded into the blushes! Super cute and makes the blush look like its worth a lot more than well, $5?

next up, lets take a look at the swatches :)

pink sugar, spring flower (each section separately and then all blended), santa rose

pink sugar, spring flower (each section separately and then all blended), santa rose

pink sugar, spring flower (each section separately and then all blended), santa rose

pink sugar, spring flower (each section separately and then all blended), santa rose

Product - 5/5
These blushes are really great! As per great blushes, they have a nice texture, great pigmentation and blend amazingly well into your skin to give you a nice flush. Plus, these blushes also last a LONG time on your cheeks so you wont have to risk the shaky lid and throw these into your makeup bag for touch ups :)

- great pigmentation
- great texture
- blend well
- long lasting time
- inexpensive 4.5g for $5
- available at drugstores

- filmsy lid, can get loose
- brush included is not good


i love love love these blushes! These are definitely AMAZING drugstore finds and i would highly recommend everyone to take a look! The shades are gorgeous and for $5, you really cant go wrong :)

In case you're wondering which i like better, this or the l'oreal true match? well.. i cant reeeally choose, i am a huge fan of both :) but i would say that the rimmel blushes have more of a "pretty and more dressed up than normal" feel as they do have a really pretty shimmer whereas the l'oreal true match are all matte shades and provide a really "everyday natural" finish :D

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