Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sigma F80 Giveaway WINNERS - Is it You?

Winners Announced!

Sorry this took me so long! i wont go into explaining the reasons again as i've done so too many times and im sure you're either bored of it or dont care haha so i'll just go right into announcing the winners! :)

So after counting and validating *wait for it*.... 799 entries! (phew! at least 206 were from facebook so no major validation required!) haha i ran and here are the winners!

ps: for those wondering how the spreadsheet works, the first extra column i added "entry count number", is how many entries you got not including if you liked my facebook fan page (that was added separately after). The second column is the accumulated total, so the first person wouldve had entry 0 to entry 6 if she/he got 6 entries.. basically, your entry would be between the number in the row above and the number in your row. gosh sorry its so hard to explain! but I hope this makes sense! lol this was just my "easy" way to work things out :)

Winner Number One generated number 355...

which means that our first winner is

congrats dear! i will be emailing you shortly requesting your information so that i can send it over to SigmaMakeup :) They will then mail you your brand new F80 brush! Enjoy! <3

next, Winner Number Two generated number 93...

which means that our second winner is

congrats dear! i will be emailing you shortly requesting your information so that i can send you your sigma f80. SigmaMakeup previously mailed this brush to me for review but since i already have one, i will re-mail you the brand new package with your new f80 that Sigma mailed me :) enjoy! <3


A big congrats to both Hollie and Mimsy! Please please please check your emails and reply back to me within one week! If i dont hear from you, i will have to choose a new winner :( so please dont miss your opportunity! i will be emailing both of you as well as trying to contact you in any other form that you have left me :) congrats again!

As for everyone else who didnt win, dont be sad! Thanks to you guys, i now have enough followers to re-apply to Sigma's incentive system and hopefully will get more goodies to giveaway!! Even if i dont, i am planning to host a big giveaway when my blog turns one years old (May 1) so look out for that in the future :D

and of course, thanks so much to all who entered!! i truely hope that you will all stay and support my blog not just for the giveaways, but for the content as well. I know ive been lacking posts this past week but i'll be back on schedule soon and posting every couple days again shortly :)

hope you all have a great week! sumo says good night as well! <3

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