Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annabelle Eyeshadow Swatches!

As I mentioned in my last post, today i'll share with you, my Annabelle mono eyeshadows!! I got alot of them recently because there was a 50% off sale at London Drugs and i picked them up for super cheap (some of the older ones were even marked down to $1 CAD!) :D but i am especially impressed with the newer ones that are still up on display! (those on the left palette). read on to find out why!

left palette - colors that are still available on display
right palette - colors from older collections

Palette One

Top left - Bronzed Idol
Top Right - Metallic Meltdown
Bottom left - Revolver
Bottom right - Divine Diva

left to right
Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Revolver, Divine Diva

left to right
Bronzed Idol, Metallic Meltdown, Revolver, Divine Diva

Bronzed Idol - a deep warm bronze shade with shimmers
Metallic Meltdown - a warm gold with slight orange undertones and shimmers
Revolver - a mauvery grey with shimmers
Divine Diva - a plummy shade with slight brown undertones and shimmers

these colors (as you can see) are all shimmery. However, the glitter is finely milled so they dont feel gritty at all! i also found that these were actually really smooth and pigmented! This surprised me as the 3 shades i previously owned (vert-to-go, 203 & gleam, all featured below) were more sheer and need a few more swipes to build up the color. I think Annabelle really stepped it up with these new colors! so far, they have all swatched beautifully :) im especially loving the gorgeous gold and that mauvey grey!! <3 <3

Palette two
top left - #203
top right - vert-to-go
bottom left - pinked
bottom right - nymphet
middle - gleam

left to right
#203, pinked, gleam, vert-to-go, nymphet

left to right
#203, pinked, gleam, vert-to-go, nymphet

now im sure you can tell that these swatches are not quite as pigmented as the ones from above! however, i can guarantee you that i swatched them all the exact same way and that they are all swatched dry with no primer! i dont know if im the only one to experience this, but i do believe that Annabelle's newer mono eyeshadows are of better quality :)

#203 - a matte lilac shade
pinked - a bright fuschia pink with shimmers
gleam - a light beige wheat color with shimmers
vert-to-go - a gorgeouss olive green with shimmers
nymphet - a light aqua shade with shimmers

full swatches

full swatches

and some pics of a quick EOTD that i put together using gleam on inner corners, metallic meltdown in middle, and divine diva on outer corners. (im sorry. . the colors kind of got washed out :( really need to find a way to fix that!) oh, and ignore that crazy dark circle! schools been keeping me up late every night! :(

and heres another look featuring nymphet, revolver and pinked :) although the colors kind of got washed out again when i took the pictures :( boooooooooo!

my favourites from all of these?
Vert-to-go, Nymphet, Metallic Meltdown & Revolver :)
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