Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hard Candy Honeymoon Blush Results

So you know how much i wanted to get Hard Candy's blush in Honeymoon after i tried out Living Doll! I know i heard some reviews saying that this blush was super un-pigmented.. but i really liked the color of this blush so i decided to get it anyways. Swatching it at the store seemed to prove pretty decent results... or so i thought..

read on to find out if this blush turned out good or bad!

with flash

without flash

slight purple/pink veining

doesnt it just look amazing in pan? a gorgeous baby peach color with purple/pink veining.. soo pretty! if only what we see is what we get...

swatched heavily - no flash

swatched heavily - with flash

when swatched heavily (or even just a few finger swipes), you get this gorgeous light peach color that has a really pretty glow and a slight pink glow too. however, it seems almost too light and shimmery to be a blush.. most likely, this will be a highlighter for many people. Also.. when you blend away or start to apply this to your face...

blended out

blended out

the color disappears! :( :( oh how i wished the color was what it looked like in the pan! The light peach wouldve been amazing. But to save you from throwing this out or completely neglecting to use it.. i have to say that this adds a really pretty glow to your face! I have now decided to combine this blush (honeymoon) with my other one (living doll). Together, they make a GORGEOUS combo. I first use Living Doll to add a light baby pink on the apples of my cheeks, then, i build it up heavier near the back to sculpt my cheekbones and then finally, i add honeymoon to give a pretty glow and highlight the top of my cheeksl I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow of this overall effect and post to show you how it turns out :)
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