Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Present EVER from the BF ♥

So, not sure if you knew, but my 21st birthday just passed not that long ago... and i have to say, this year's present from my bf was literally the BEST present i ever got!! :D and im sure it'll be preeettty hard to top in the years to come lol

A few christmas's back, i decided to get several smaller items for my bf rather than one bigger present. instead of just giving him all the presents at once, i decided to make a scavenger hunt :D making up silly clues with rhyming phrases, i had a ton of fun putting it together and im sure he had just as much fun finding and opening his presents.. well, ever since that year, its been kind of a tradition for me to do a scavenger hunt for his birthday & xmas..
This year, he decided to surprise me with a scavenger hunt of my own!! I was sooooooo excited for it and soooo pumped to start it :) of course, i had to wait till after school, and since my birthday decided to land on a day where i had school from 2-5pm, i had a long time to wait :( .. but it was SOOO worth it!

I wont go into all the details, but it was so much fun running around the house trying to find my presents lol, he ended up wrapping and hiding TEN PRESENTS!! *yay* i'll share with you guys some of the goodies he got me ^^


firstly, BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVERRRRRR! haha <3 i love hello kitty!! and the size of this card was HUGE! im a sucker for big birthday cardsss <3

this card is literally double the size of other cards! LOVEE!

along with the card, some hello kitty chocolates ^^ yum yum and i love the box! haha

then here comes the part with the new goodies i get to play with and review!! :D

you guys know how much i love MAC, but you probably also know how LITTLE MAC products i own haha, thats cause they're usually way to pricey for me and i end up restraining myself from going into the store just so i wont leave with nothing left in my bank account lol.

anyways, my bf was super sweet to go into MAC all by himself and actually pick out the goodies i've been wanting since forever!! just the fact that he went in there to get me something is super sweet, but the fact that he got me the things i love make it that much better :)

also, i promised him i wouldnt spend so much on makeup this year (after my birthday) lol i gotta stick with my new years resolution and restrain myself from buying stuff i wont use :(

anyways, onto the goodies!!

MAC Fix +

yay :) finally get to try this! my skins been pretty dry lately.. reacting to some acne cream i tried :( sucks... the pimples may be slowly going away, but my face is constantly red and irritated! so mad :( .. but on the good side, i am soo excited to test out this product!

he then spoiled me with... more MAC!

all that glitters, gleam and woodwinked..

the three neutral shadows that i really wanted to try from MAC, apart from Dalliance (which i picked up on my birthday haul - link here), these are my very first MAC shadows! exciting isnt it!! now im worried i'll get caught up in all the hype and spend all my $$ away :( ... good thing i have my new years resolution! lol

all that glitters, gleam


swatches and full review to come!

and just when i thought the MAC goodies were over (and totally regretting i gave him a list of MAC items as i didnt want him to spend so much on me...) i then solve the next riddle and unwrap yet more MAC goodies! Oh. My. !!

MAC Mega Metal Shadows in Tweet Me & Prance

After purchasing dalliance from my birthday haul, i was so impressed with the pigmentation and quality and SIZE of the product. i had swatched the above two in stores as well and loveeeed them. although i really couldnt bear to spend so much on them.. which is why i feel extra bad that he got these for me! but of course, i love them so much :) so thanks so much baby <3

tweet me & prance
(Prance should be a shimmery lavender lol my cameras lighting is a bit off sorry!)

Apart from all the makeup goodies, he also spoiled me with....

New books to read! YAY!!!! i've been dying to read some new books and since school's starting again, i really wanted some new books since i feel i do better when i read :P i saw several bloggers had recommended this series (Thanks Pammy!!!) and i think i mightve mentioned the name to my bf maybe once.. but i was so surprised he remembered and even got me the first 3 books of the series :) :) <3.

and to go along with the books, a new bookmark for mee *yay*

btw, i LOVED the movie tangled! it was soooo goood! if you havent watched it yet but love disney movies, you HAVE TO HAVE TO watch it! i have to admit.. i cried during some parts! lolol

He also got me random cute things that i love :) i wont post all of them, but heres a few!

pretty flower candle holder with tea lights that when lit, has a purple flame! soooo coooool!! (btw, i also loveee purple hehe)

omg haha you probably think im so childish and all but i loveeed this! haha i used to be a huge pokemon nerd (c'mon.. im sure we all were at least once!) and probably still am today LOL i've seen these pokeballs at toys'r'us before (where they have the little toy that pops out LOL) but i've never seen one in PINK!! plus its got a heart on it!! what more can i ask for! haha <3 <3

last one i'll share with you all..

is this really pretty ring holder! it is soo super cute and exactly what i needed. i have collected quite a bit of rings, and im sure you've all seen how i organized them lately (link here) but sometimes when im in a hurry in the morning, i just dont have time to go through my organizers to find a ring i want! so having this on my table or bedside will make my life SO much easier :) i'll be keeping my fav rings on here so i can grab them quickly everyday :) <3

Now do you agree that this has got to be the best present eveeerr? haha i know none of the presents were anything major, but thats exactly what i love about it. each present had such thought behind them and along with the scavenger hunt clues, i am sure he spent a lot of effort :) baby if you're reading this, thanks SOOO much !! i loved every single bit and part of it <3

and for everyone else, i hope this post didnt bore any of you! i was just so excited to share with you all what made me so happy on my birthday :) as you can see, i now have a billion gazillion things to review and swatch haha.. so those posts should be coming up shortly :) i hope you all had a great day! take care :)

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