Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Jewelry Haul & New Organizer

Today's post will just be a quick mini jewelry haul and my new way of organizing them! Since being more organized was one of my new years resolution, I was super excited to find this organizer at my local winners store because it was exactly what i needed to help organize all my accessories :)

this is what it looks like...

it is pretty big and can hold a lot of jewelry

both sides of this organizer are the same, each consisting of mainly small see through pockets with 3 larger pockets on the bottom row

larger pockets on the bottom


and now on to my mini jewelry haul :)

these 4 pairs of earrings were actually not purchased by me, but given to me as a gift from my cousin from hong kong. arent they adorable???

i love these! even though it looks like two,  they are actually just one pair of earrings. the top looks like just a normal stud, but then a little crown hangs off and loops around from the back. super cute!

these definitely remind me of cinderella :) a little cute carriage and a gorgeous heel. definitely all i need to feel like im living my own cinderella story! :)

the next two pairs are more 'exotic' and both are textured. feels kind of like coarse animal hair, but the texture makes these earrings so much fun! i LOVE the zebra one because they are unmatched. ever since i got my "love is not equal" earrings from Jenny (review here), i LOVE purposely unmatched earrings. they are just so much fun!


these are the rings i purchased recently as part of my mini jewelry haul. i found a cute little store that was having a a pretty good sale and got most of these for $2 or less :D

all the rings :)

these two flower rings were just too cute to not pick up! the metallic gunmetal grey one is just so gorgeous and shiny :) these flowers are also a very good size, not too big and not too small :) perfect for just accessorizing with casual everyday wear.
this white ring is absolutely gorgeous! the inside is a white silver metal rose, and around it are these little white pearls. so pretty! this ring would be perfect for dressing up a casual outfit to make it more girly  :)

i got this one cause it looked like so much fun. the smaller silver balls help tone down the darker black pearls as well as give the ring more contrast. as a result, i think this ring could match with pretty much anything and would be gorgeous both for casual wear and for partying!

i got this ring because it looked so vintage and reminded me of the crown of thorns that jesus wore. even without the whole religious symbolism behind it, i think this ring itself is so unique and i really really love the rusted gold/bronze shade :) 

i also picked up this set of bracelets, one is a thicker band with a cute squiggly design and the other is super fun with two bands held together by silver balls :)


finally, im sure you're wondering how i put my new organizer to use.. :) here's how i ended up organizing my jewelry! (note, i havent completely put all my accessories in this organizer just quite yet)

one side - earrings & hair accessories

other side - rings and bracelets and necklaces

the lower pockets are bigger so it can hold more stuff

lots of room :)

and while im organizing, i'll show you some of my all time favourite accessories :)

tiffany & co bracelete from bf
necklace from h&m

bracelet from hk
necklace from h&m (same as one above)

rings from forever 21

bracelet from forever 21

earrings from forever 21

chanel symbol studs from hk (fake)
rose petal studs from hk
pearl studs from forever 21
music note studs from hk

white watches from hk

and thats it for jewelry and accessories :) and just to end off this post, i'll let you in on whats coming up next couple of posts... since its my 21st birthday on thursday (Jan 13th) *yay* i'll finally be legal everywhere! lol i picked up a few goodies for myself :) i will most likely be posting what i hauled sometime soon so be on the look out for those!

*hint - i got some mac goodies (just a bit) and finally found those wet n wild LE holiday palettes!!! plus, i hope my sedona lace brushes will be here in time for my birthday!*

so those posts will be pretty exciting! :D i cant wait to photograph and swatch all the lovely products for you guys! :D but until then, i hope you all have a great day!

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