Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MAC Fix + Does Wonders!

Hi everyone :)

Today i will be continuing to review my new MAC goodies :) Apart from all the new eyeshadows i got and love, my bf also got me my first MAC Fix + !! I've heard so many good things about this product, and although i've been a HUGE fan of face sprays, i've never gotten around to try this! Read on to find out how i like it :)

"An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!"

First off, the product itself:

I love it! It is definitely a pick-me-upper spray as it refreshes your skin right away. i dont usually carry it around with me in my purse (although i can see that a travel sized version of this would be godly), but after coming home from a long school day, i find that MAC Fix + definitely does the job in refreshing my makeup and allowing me to both feel and be ready for a night out :)

As well, i have been using this daily to set my makeup and i just LOVE the results! Normally, i use evian's mineral water facial spray or the body shop's vitamin e facial spray, but surprisingly enough, i think Fix + is better :) With Evian's spray, although it refreshes my skin, i feel like its just water and nothing more.. the body shop's spray is nice and smells so good, but it doesnt leave my skin feeling as dewy and fresh as Fix + does. however, i do like using the vitamin e spray once in awhile because i do find that it helps moisturizes my skin especially in winter.

With Fix + as a setting spray, i find that my makeup definitely lasts a lot longer. As well, i like how after i apply it (application details below), my face has sort of a dewy and fresh feel to it :) so i look and feel like i havent applied as much makeup as i did :D

about the packaging:

i love it just as much as the product! haha im a huge sucker for good packaging and this one is definitely one i approve of. The sleek bottle isnt too big or small, but just right. i love the simplicity of the design, no crazy details on the bottle itself, just a nice semi-transparent with a glossy finish. But the best part of the packaging, is definitely the pump and spray nozzle.

the pump is genius! (i believe MAC liquid foundations also have a similar design) there's no need for a cap on the bottle because all you have to do is twist the top to open and close. this makes it so easy to use and believe me, when you have just a few extra seconds left before you leave the house, the last thing you want to worry about is taking off a tight cap on a spray bottle! of course, this also prevents the bottle from accidentally spraying or leaking when you travel.

the spray nozzle is another part i am very impressed with! through my many experiences with different spray bottles, i've found that there is a thin line between too 'rough' and not 'rough' enough, for lack of a better word. what i mean is, its hard to find a spray nozzle that wont spray so hard that your face hurts, but also wont spray so little so that you end up pushing it a billion times. MAC Fix + sits right in the middle and has the perfect nozzle that gives me a light mist of product, just exactly what i need :)

top - ecotools
bottom - sigma travel F50 & sedona lace 813

and finally, the application :)

application? dont you just spray it all over your face and rush out of the house? well.. you can.. but i much prefer another way :) i like to spray once or twice, usually enough to cover my entire face, and then use a duo fibre stippling brush (i normally use my ecotools one but any will do) to lightly stipple all over my face.

this helps spread the product lightly, setting my makeup evenly and making sure that it is all absorbed. this way, you leave the house looking fresh and dewy rather than wet and later when it dries, cakey :(

left to right
sedona lace 813, sigma travel F50, ecotools
 now im sure you're wondering...

whats the difference between MAC Fix + and other facial sprays?

well, let me tell you :)

first off, infused with vitamins and minerals, as well as green tea, camomile, cucumber & sugi, it not only refreshes your skin, but is great for your skin both as a spray or as a toner! so feel free to use it generously with or without makeup!

secondly, and well, the main purpose, is to refresh your skin and set your makeup!  it also makes you look fresh and dewy instantly :) great for when you feel like your foundation`s a little cakey or your skin`s feeling a bit tight and dry.

thirdly, you can use this to foil your pressed eyeshadows! this is great for getting the most out of your eyeshadows as their pigmentation increases dramatically! not only do you get a vibrant color, but they also stick better to your lids :) all you have to do is pick up some eyeshadow onto your brush, spray some Fix + onto the brush, and then apply!

as well, similar to foiling your eyeshadows, you can most definitely use this on loose minerals and pigments in the same way! many people use this instead of a mixing medium, which may not be readily available. the results are amazing! no more fall out :D


So there you have it! I definitely love this product and would recommend it to all of you! Although i still like to use my body shop vitamin e spray once in awhile, this has replaced all my other sprays and i use it daily after applying makeup :) I can definitely see myself repurchasing once i run out.. although that wont be for a looong time since you only need one-two sprays per use!

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