Monday, June 20, 2011

Crackle Nail Effect Polishes from HK!

Crackle Crackle Crackle!

Its the new biggest trend and of course, hong kong has got it covered! While on my trip to hk, i found out that there were many stores that carried a TON of these crackle effect nail polishes in every shade possible! They had an immense range of shades, but i only ended up picking up two (major regretttttt!) because i was scared they'd explode or leak on the way home...

purple crack effect polish, gold glitter polish, blue crack effect, silver glitter, top coat

close up of the nail effect polishes

this is the glitter silver polish that i used as a base.

as you can see, there are fine glitters all over!

Let the cracking begin!

i applied a coat of the blue nail effect polish.. and literally within seconds it started to crack!

cracking.... hehe

and cracking...

this is what i ended up with, its a bit messy but its so pretty!
as you can see, i also swatched the purple/brown shade on top of the silver.

here you can see the different effects you can get with the crackle polishes. the cracks range from small to large depending on how thick you apply your polish. the thicker layer you apply, the bigger the cracks. the thinner you apply, the littler the cracks!

 i think the best looking ones are from a nice even coat.. something that is (for me) harder than it seems!

and heres a picture of my cousin's nails. she used a purple/brown shade over the glitter gold polish. the results give a completely different effect!

i totally am in love with these crackle effect polishes, not only because it looks cools (and makes drying nails that much more interesting!), but more so for the fact that you have literally endless possibilities! You can purchase just one single shade of the crackle effect polish, and pair it with every single other polish you have creating different results every time! So if you have one of these crackle polishes, get creative and start pairing! I have yet to re-do my nails just yet, but once i do.. i will test out other colors and post them up here! :D

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