Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainbow Rice Krispy Squares!! Recipe & Picture Steps

Everyone Loves Rainbows! 

So for fathers day, my family had a big BBQ dinner and it was a lot of fun! :) the unfortunate part, was that it was also raining... something we knew days in advance but didnt let ruin our day. So to cheer everyone up, I decided to make these rainbow rice krispy squares! It was a big hit and everybody loved them :) so now its time to share with the rest of the world! :D

note: all pictures below were taken with my iphone 4, so sorry in advance for the quality of the pictures!

 finished product :)

Step 1 - Gather your ingredients!
To make the rainbow layers, I had to make 7 different batches of rice krispys mixing in a different color each time. For each batch, i used the following amounts:
1/8 cup butter
1/2 bag (250g) mini marshmallows
3-4 cups of rice krispys
food coloring

This made a good amount for a large family party. approximately 40 squares.

you'll also be needing some pans prepped with buttered tin foil to shape your rice krispys

Step 2 - Melt the Butter and Marshmallows!
over LOW heat, melt the butter

then, add in half a bag of marshmallows... 
and melt again while stirring constantly. you DO NOT want to let anything burn as that will affect the ending taste of your rice krispys, so keep an eye on the marshmallows and keep stirring until you get an even paste with no bumps. 
this is almost ready, still have to get rid of a few of those bumps though before we move on,

Step 3 - Add food coloring!

take the pot off the heat to prevent burning, and then add your desired food coloring until you reach the color you want. here i am mixing red and blue to get purple. 
note: you want to add MORE food coloring then you think you need. because once you mix in the rice krispys, the color get toned down quite a bit.

Step 4 - Add Rice Krispsys
throw in your rice krispys and mix well! This was my first batch and i totally did not add enough food coloring to make this the purple i wanted. oh well, you learn from mistakes right? good thing i had 6 more batches to go after this!

Step 5 - push onto buttered pans
this is my mom helping me push them onto the pans. it is easiest if you do this step with BUTTERED SPOONS! that way, the rice krispy will not stick onto the metal surface and it'll make life SO much easier! you want to flatten out the rice krispy until its a nice thin layer. small holes are okay if you cant push it out any further as you will be adding 6 more layers on top to cover.

Step 6 - continue and repeat steps 2-5!
now you'll want to repeat the steps but just change up the amounts of food coloring you are adding in. if you're making the rainbow, work your way BACKWARDS up the rainbow :) for example, the next one for me is blue!

Extra Tips:
i found it MUCH easier to take out each layer after i finished pressing them down in the trays and placing them on a sheet of tin foil. that way, when you make the next batch and place it into the trays, it wont stick like crazy to the bottom layer and prevent you from panning it out properly. Just keep adding each layer AFTER you press them down and that will make life much easier, trust me!

almost finished....

pretty isnt it hehe

i added a layer of just normal rice krispys (no food coloring) on top because i wanted to decorate with icing at first. but then i ended up just leaving them empty and i thought they looked nicer with the normal colored layer on top :) 
if you want the rice krispys chewier and firmer, use a clean rolling pin to press the layers together

and then you are pretty much done!
(minus the cutting and eating parts!)
finished product!

the edges are a bit messy, but you can always fix that up when you cut the squares :)

here we turned ours upside down to draw lines and cut into squares :)

you could just leave them like this if you want, in big strips lol since they look like pretty rainbows! but since we had a huge party, we decided to cut them in squares :)

and here they are! the inside (after cutting) looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! i love it! oh and yeah, we ended up arranging them in a checkerboard style :)

and we also took the four corners and put them together to make a "hamburger" type rice krispy lol i originally wanted them to be balloons, but yeah, now they are just "dad" and "happy face" lol! :D

anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this quick recipe and picture tutorial! I know not all of you are into making and preparing food and i most likely will not be doing this too often, but i just thought i'd share because i LOVED the ending result :D hope you all have a great week!

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