Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got Chipped Nails but No Time To Fix?

Fix your nails quick!

Opps. sorry guys, im not sure if any of you saw that i had a different post up earlier that was lacking pictures lol. i had originally scheduled to have that post up this morning, but turns out, i dont have all the pictures i want yet so i'll have to re-post that later! sorry!


Anyways, heres a quick tip that i used during my grad trip in hong kong!

I originally had painted my nails with the longest lasting polish i could find (forever 21 polishes, swatches here) but after around 2-3 weeks, i did end up having chipping, which is normal.

So what do you do when you have chipped nails but have no time to re-do all your nails?

Since i didnt bring any nail polish remover to hong kong, and really didnt feel like buying any since i have alot at home.. i went out to buy a glittery pink polish from sasa and did this :)

take a glittery polish and paint the tips!
With a glittery polish, you can slowly build up layers without worrying about creating perfect tips. Not only does this cover up your chipped ends giving you a few extra days before you have to re-do everything, but it also creates a nice new gradient effect :)

Note: it doesnt have to be a glittery polish, but i found that these types are the easiest to use in a rush because you dont have be exact and your nails will still turn out great!

chipped nails before, chipped nails after!

afterwards :)

without flash

i also added some pearls just for fun :)

and thats it!

pretty simple right? of course, you dont have to wait until your nails are chipped to do this, you could always do gradient effect nails whenever you want! i just found that this was a good trick to keep from re-doing a whole set of nails, especially when you dont have much time but still want your nails to look good! :D all you need is a glittery polish (i LOVE the ones with multi-sized chunks) and you're all set to go :)

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