Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MAC FOTD - Prance & Satin Taupe

Hi everyone :)

So ive been getting alot of requests to put up some FOTDs and EOTDs showing how i used my new MAC eyeshadows :) as well, there have been some requests for a before and after picture using MAC Fix + ! So i thought i might as well kill two birds with one stone, and do them both in one post :)

So for today, i decided to use two MAC eyeshadows to create a very very subtle look. i was heading to school and didnt want anything too dramatic. As a result, i didnt use a primer, but just a concealer as a base. In addition, i also blended throughly so that the colors were very soft and more suitable for school.

before MAC Fix +

before MAC Fix +

You could spray this on and leave it to dry, but i find that it will be slightly uneven because the more concentrated areas will look more shiny .. therefore, i like to use a duo fibre stippling brush to distribute the product evenly

for full review on MAC Fix + , click here!

after MAC Fix +

after MAC Fix +

There isnt a huge noticeable difference, especially in pictures lol.. but in reality, i really do feel a lot more refreshed, as if i wasnt wearing too much makeup or powder. Plus, i think after using MAC Fix +, my makeup looks more smooth and softened, kind of combining the powder & foundation together so it looks more natural.


some more pics of the eye look,

in natural lighting

with flash

Eyeshadows used:

Prance in center of lid and in tear duct area
Satin Taupe around Prance (both outer and inner corners) and to line

i will be posting more EOTD and FOTD soon using the other shades i got from MAC :) but for now, i hope you enjoyed today's post and have a good day!


p.s. i did this look again today, except instead of bringing satin taupe into the inner corners, i just left it in the outer corners. i loved the result! not too heavy but great for an everyday look :) i think i'll be wearing this Prance-Satin Taupe combo very often!!

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