Monday, May 16, 2011

The Body Shop Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup from The Body Shop!

To be honest, I dont often browse the makeup from the body shop, as i originally felt that they were overpriced for what they were, a brand kind of in between drugstores and high end. But, looking at this makeup palette.. even though it does have a heavier price tag ($24 CAD) , I think im starting to like the body shop more and more! :)

This is one of the two eyeshadow palettes that came out with the "brush with fashion" collection, made by a collaboration between the body shop and the university of the arts london. i am SOO loving the design of the palette! its simple but so chic at the same time <3

Close up of each shade..

minimalist white: a shimmery white

pret-a-pink: a shimmery pink

futuristic silver: a shimmery silver gunmetal

little black dress: a matte 'black'

also comes with an eyeshadow brush and a black eyeliner

in comparison to my iphone :)
and of course, swatches!

no flash, artificial lighting

flash, artificial lighting

no flash, natural lighting
First the good...
The palette itself is very well packaged in a nice sturdy compact. The mirror inside is huge, making it a very good travel mirror as well. The shimmery shadows are impressive! very pigmented and buttery smooth with fine shimmers (not gritty glitters). As well, i am liking the color choices in this palette. It not your everyday neutral palette, but it could definitely create a variety of looks!

i was also very impressed with the eyeshadow brush! Usually, palettes come with a little sponge tip applicator which is okay to use once in awhile, but this brush blew me away! It works well to pat on the shadows and blend and the bristles are very soft! 

and then the bad...
the black matte shade was a tad disappointing.. it lacks in pigmentation and smoothness when compared to the shimmery shades. however, it can be built up to heavier intensity so i guess its okay lol. Also, the eyeliner that comes with the palette seems to be a bit hard, making it a tad too rough on the eyes, and we're not even thinking about waterline! of course, since this is something extra that is bundled with the eyeshadows, im not complaining as it does seem to last on my eyes surprisingly longer than other eyeliners i've tried.


Im definitely liking this palette alot and im glad i decided to give the body shop makeup a try! :) and if you havent noticed already, i took this with me on my grad trip! :D i plan on using the pink and white shades for daytime looks and taking it up a notch at night with the silver and black :) i'll let you know how it turns out when i get back! :)

have a good week everyone!


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