Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grad Trip to my Fav Place, Hong Kong

So i've graduated from university....

What does that mean? its GRAD TRIP TIME! and i am super excited because I will be going to my all time favorite places ever, hong kong! <3 Actually, I was born in hong kong, but moved to Canada when I was very little.. as a result, I never really grew up in hong kong and didnt know of all the wonders it held until i started visiting many years back. Ever since then, I have repeatedly traveled back to hong kong as i am in LOVE with the whole environment, sights, culture and omg SHOPPING AND FOOD!

I will be in hong kong from May 2nd until June 1st. Although i will still have scheduled posts every so often, i will have limited internet access. As a result, I may not be able to reply to comments and emails until i come home. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and if you really have an urgent matter you would like to discuss or ask me, please email me directly using the email provided in the "contact me" tab above.

With that said, please feel free to continue commenting and emailing! i really enjoy each and every one that i receive and i will do my best to reply to all of them when i can :) Of course, i will be venturing into the asian market for makeup and skincare (SUPER excited!) so i will have a ton to post about when i get back home :) i hope you all have a wonderful summer!

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