Monday, May 17, 2010

Coastal Scents Haul!

Yay! My Coastal Scents package is finally here :) I got these during the 15% sale they had recently and have been waiting for them to arrive! Heres some pictures..

And although im sure you girls have received Coastal Scents packages before.. (im a bit late to catch on..) but i have to have to say.. I LOVE THE BUBBLE PACKAGING! hahaha it is HUGE! so dont worry, theres definately plenty of protection for your palettes :)
Look at the size of those bubbles! :D

And now.. i'll show in detail what i purchased :) I am super excited about this and will definately try to post up swatches as soon as i can!

My two coastal scents palettes :)

Firstly, i picked up the 88 metal mania palette. Although each shadow is probably the size of a dime, there are so many colours and they all look gorgeous! Cant wait to swatch these :) Here's some pictures:

88 Metal Mania with no flash

88 Metal Mania with flash

And of course, the 26 Shadow blush combo palette:

26 Shadow blush combo with no flash

26 Shadow blush combo with flash

I also picked up a gel liner in deep plum, a bent liner brush, and some empty 5 gram packaging jars. These came wrapped up beautifully with pink tissue paper! Super cute :)

Some more pictures of the gel liner and brush up close...

And the funny thing was.. the bent liner brush had "c217 bent lner" etched in the side. Im not sure if this was a mistake or its supposed to be like that, but i found it quite interesting :)

And the lovely people at Coastal Scents included a sample of their Frenzy Shadow! Thank youu :)

So thats it for my Coastal Scents Haul! I will be playing around with these once i have the time and will post swatches and more EOTD (Eye of the day) as soon as i do! Hope your day went well! I love receiving packages in the mail, how about you guys?


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any companies and any of the above products mentioned were all purchased by me with my own money, or given to me from family and friends. All reviews are from my personal experience and what works for me may not work for you. Please keep this in mind when testing these products.



Ritalime said... [Reply to comment]

ooh nice haul, do let us know how the 88 metal mania palette is. I've been wanting it, but I have the 88 warm and I'm scared that the colors are too similar.

xAgnes said... [Reply to comment]

@Ritalimefor sure! i am currently in the process of swatching all of those 88 colours! i have the first three rows done but i think im going to have to take a break cause now my arm is way too shimmery haha. i will post it up soon! :)

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