Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Testing: New Comment System & Ability to Show Your Last Post!

So i've been testing out the ability to reply to comments and i did like it.. but then, i found something better! Intense debates allows you to show threaded comments so you can actually reply to other people and your comment will show up right under their comment! :D You can also subscribe just to replies, so you know when someone replied to your comment!!

Also.. i installed Comment Luv which is really cool! if you have an account, you can type in your blog address when making a comment, and then it lets you show your last post so you can kind of advertise your blog a bit and get more readers! I think this is a great option especially for us starting off as smaller blogs. Here's what it looks like!
All you have to do is type in your blog address... and then your latest post will show! if you want to choose from older posts, click the red arrow and tada :) only thing is.. i think you may have to sign up and make an account, but thats easy! :)

Unfortuantely... because they have not been able to allow for importing comments on blogger just yet.. all my previous comments cannot be showed :( :( Once they update this though, i will import all my old comments into this new system so until then, i'll just have to start fresh! :(

Soo... help me out guys and test out this thing to see if it works! :D Im excited to try it out! i really hope this works out okay!

UPDATE: I also just added the ability to insert smileys in your comments! Im not sure about you guys, but i love using these when i comment or message people :) makes the message more fun! try it out and see if you like it! :D Just click on the happy face when commenting!


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