Friday, May 21, 2010

My New Pinkbox! ♥

Omg, i am super excited to write this post because guess what guys... i found myself an actual pinkbox! hehe and i just HAD to get it, it was so adorable :) the only thing is, this pinkbox is not for makeup.. instead, its for jewelery! :D let me show you some pictures, its probably much better than me explaining it :)

isnt is adorable ♥

and when you open it up... tada! :D

all of the compartments..

K, so maybe you cant really see in the picture.. but i'll try to explain the different compartments. The top layer has several compartments. there is a longer narrow one in the back for bracelets, several bigger ones and a holder for rings and earrings. The second layer has two drawers, one separated into several smaller squares and one just regular. The third layer is one drawer separated in the middle and the final drawer is just one big drawer. All of this can be closed and locked up with a key.. and there is also a handle for you to use when carrying :) here it is with some of my jewelry filled in..

So theres my happy purchase of the day! I got this for $20 at Winners. there were actually a whole bunch of other jewelry cases that were really pretty, but this was such a cute pink.. i had to get it :) hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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