Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forever 21 Nail Polishes

i LOVE these shades!

Just a quick post today :) i picked up two nail polishes from forever 21 yesterday and totally had to share because im loving the colors! :D i also purchased a cute dress, a cardigan, and some coral colored accessories :)

if anyones's wanting to see pics of the rest of my haul, feel free to let me know in the comments! i'll gladly take pics and share :)

they dont really have names... but on the back it says:
BM 4306, NL223

can you see the tiny shimmers? they're not very noticeable unless you put it to a light

one coat each.. a tad streaky

one coat each
the flash totally brought out the purple undertone in the first shade
in normal lighting, its more taupey and grey

two coats each

two coats each

two coats

and in the end, i decided to go with this beeeautiful lavender-grey shade first :) i absolute LOVE it!

cant exactly tell you how the lasting power is on these polishes, but they applied nicely (with two coats) and costed about $4 each.. so not too shabby! I applied a top coat on these, so i'll keep you guys updated on how good these polishes stay on!

what do you think? :) have you tried out the polishes from forever 21 before? let me know :D

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