Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAC Satin Taupe - SedonaLace 88 Palette DUPES!

Do you have an 88 palette?

As you know, i recently got my hands on MAC Satin Taupe and it is such a gorgeous shade! (click here for full review) Anyways, ever since i got it, ive been using it alot and got asked if there was a drugstore dupe for it.. good news, there are TONS! :D

So you've already seen the ELF and WNW dupes from last time's post (click here if you havent!) but i got some requests to see if there were any dupes from my 88 palettes! and trust me, there are! So today, i will be comparing those colors from my sedona lace 88 ultra shimmer palette (click here for full review and swatches part 1, 2, and 3)

SedonaLace Ultra Shimmer Palette
- last two columns on right side -

close up of the shades i will be comparing

MAC Satin Taupe

SedonaLace Palette Numbered for Comparison

Alright, heres the moment of truth! :D

in artificial lighting

with flash

Looking closely at each comparison:
#1 - slightly lighter in shade compared to satin taupe, has slightly more beige undertones
#2 - is also slightly lighter than satin taupe with beige undertones
#3 - very close in comparison - possible dupe
#4 - too dark compared to satin taupe, also has more silver & purple undertones
#5 - too warm and light compared to satin taupe, has goldish undertones

artificial lighting

with flash

Looking closely at each comparison:
#6 - too much silver undertone, as well, it is more cool toned
#7 - very close in shade - possible dupe
#8 - more of a warm undertone compared to satin taupe
#9 - again, more warm toned, as well as strong purple undertone

from the above swatches, i found that #3 and 7 were the closest in shades, so i re-swatched them together with Satin Taupe

#3, 7
Satin Taupe

artificial lighting
(sorry, my lighting is quite yellow causing the shades to look a bit off, the true colors are much closer to reality in the flash pictures above)

with flash

Differences if any?

Although both shadows are highly pigmented, once again, I do think Satin Taupe has a slightly higher quality just due to the fact that the SedonaLace shadows can at times be TOO soft and buttery and therefore slightly crumbly. I find that this happens often among drugstore eyeshadows, but nonetheless, if you work carefully and try not to get too much product on your brush, you wont have any problems.

Since the SedonaLace shadows i am using are from their ultra shimmer palette, i actually find that these are quite comparable in shine and shimmer. They all have a very nice sheen so overall, i do think that the shades are very good dupes for MAC Satin Taupe.


Overall Verdict:

Out of the SedonaLace palette, I think #7 is the closest both in shade and undertones. #3 is also quite close but is ever so slightly lighter and warmer than satin taupe. Overall, these would both make great dupes as the differences are subtle once applied.

Also, if you dont have an 88 palette, you can click here to check out two other drugstore dupes for MAC Satin Taupe! enjoy!

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