Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Eyes and Nails ♥

Happy Valentines Day ♥

No matter what you have planned for tomorrow and who you are spending it with, I wish you have an amazing valentines day! :) Todays post is just a quick valentines day look i did while playing around with my Sedona Lace 88 ultra shimmer palette :) (click here for full review and full swatches available parts 1, 2, and 3)

I did one thats slightly smokier and one thats lighter and more appropriate for daytime wear.. although in reality, they both are pretty similar and you probably cant tell the difference from far away lol :P  i hope you enjoy it! :)

My nails of the day are further down in this post.. if you're just looking for that, keep scrolling! ;)

full fotd

full fotd
left side smokier eye look, right side lighter eye look

closer up shot of both eyes

close up shot of the smokier look

close up of the lighter eye look


okay... now the following pics are just me playing around with my camera lol so please.. dont laugh at me :(

first... a normal picture... with my normal small eyelids :(

and then.. what my eyes would look like if i had bigger eyelids and more space to work with!!!! *i wish*

i know it looks freaky overall hahaha but doing eye makeup would be so much easier lol :P and it would look so much prettier cause you can see all the different colors haha :D

i love hello kitty ^^

and possibly, a more 'valentine's' related picture :P

in case you're wondering the shades i used, here are some swatches!

colors used for the smokier eye look

colors used for the lighter eye look

full swatches

and finally, my nails! i wanted to do something more special for valentines, but since i had my grad pictures yesterday, i decided to just keep it simple and stick to a normal french manicure. the only thing i really did to give it a more polished and feminine look was to add some rhinestones to my fourth fingers.

with my new pink bumper tehe ^^

closer up shot

polishes used:
blush of adrenaline, shop around the clock, Orly top 2 bottom (top coat)

Nail rhinestones from ebay

thats it for today :) i hope you all have an amazing valentines day!! spend it with the ones you love whether it is that special someone or just friends and family :) cherish the moments you have with each and every one of them and spread the love! <3

p.s. if you havent already, why dont you check out my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki giveaway? :) there will be 2 winners! good luck! :D

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