Saturday, February 5, 2011

Travalo - Best Perfume Atomizer Ever!

Do you travel alot?
Or do you like to keep your perfume handy for touchups?

Then i think you need to get your hands on a travalo! Its a perfume atmoizer that i recently saw a lot of reviews on and i couldnt resist getting one for myself! I actually was looking online for a long time, but didnt really feel safe enough to purchase it from unsecure sites.. luckily, Shaylee from Cosmetically Curious told me that they sold these at Shoppers Drug Mart!! (thanks shaylee!) So i quickly went over to pick one up :)

I initially wanted the pink one, but they only had one black left, and i couldnt bear to wait lol :p

in its package, waiting to be opened! lol

instructions on the back

instructions on the back

50 full sprays.. thats not bad considering i only use 1-2 a day

some more pictures of the product :) ..

very compact and small

in comparison to a nivea lip balm, its slightly longer

and of course, time to test it out! here im filling it with my fav fragrance, narciso rodriguez for her - eau de toilette

take your favourite fragrance...

open the lid...

remove the cap covering the spray nozzle

take your travalo.. this is what the bottom looks like

basically, its a little suction that fits perfectly on top of your perfume's spray nozzle. this design is very smart because when you push the atomizer down ontop the spray nozzle, liquid goes in.. but when you remove the travalo, the liquid is sealed shut and doesnt leak at all!

so you take the bottom and you fit it on top of your fragrance..

then literally, all you do is push down for as many times as you'd like until the travalo fills up.

for some odd reason, i had the impression (prior to purchasing) that it would fill itself up with one push down.. obviously that is not the case lol and nowhere does it say that. so just to be clear, you do have to repeatedly push the travalo down onto the spray nozzle. this is similar to previously perfume atomizers i've tried as you are somewhat just spraying the fragrance into the atomizer. the main difference here, is that there are no leaks, no spilt perfume, no mess and also, no wasted perfume!

finished filling :)

ready to spray!

I really love this product! It is simple in design and does exactly what its supposed to. I've tried two of Sephora's travel atomizers in the past, but both have leaked in my purse. As a result, i have given up travelling with my perfume and only on long trips, do i haul around the whole bottle of it. With this though, i have thrown it around in my purse and experienced NO leaks whatsoever.
Another thing i love about this product, is that it makes the process of filling up the atomizer easy and simple, the way it should be! There is no more spraying at small filters (my perfume doesnt open up so i cant pour it into normal atomizers) and ending up with more perfume on your hands and table than inside the actual atomizer! With the travalo, i can easily fill it up and when im done, the bottom is perfectly dry, as is my hands and my table :)

Not only am i a much happier person, but i have also wasted no perfume and also prevented myself from smelling like i sprayed 100x before i left the house :)


So overall, if you like to keep your perfume on you for handy touchups during the day, or if you travel around alot (these are airplane friendly), or even stay over at your bf/gf/friend's house often, then i would highly recommend getting your hands on a travalo! It'll definitely make your life much easier !!


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