Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Double Eye Looks - Wet n' Wild Pride & Lust EOTD

Yup, you've seen the swatches for Wet n' Wild's eyeshadow palettes in Pride & Lust! Now, here are two slightly more dramatic looks i created with each :) again, one on each eye haha. cept this time, theres no guessing needed! the blue eye is from the Pride palette, the purple is from Lust!

Please note, i am not crazy and did not go out with un-matched eyes :) i created these looks after coming home from a long day at school (which explains the oilyness haha) and i only did one look on each eye to show you the different looks you can achieve and how they compare to each other. please dont think im crazy :)

Pride & Lust

Some more close up shots of the two in comparison

First up, the look created using Pride

how to achieve:
1. Take the matte white on the inner half of your eye
2. Add some of the light shimmery shade in the tear ducts. 
3. Using the help of some scotch tape to create a straight edge, take the dark shimmery blue on outer half of your eye working it into the crease.
4. Take the dark matte blue to darken the outer v.
5. blend blend blend away all harsh lines!
6. Take the shimmery green and apply on lower lash line
7. add eyeliner and mascara and fix any mistakes made
8. brighten up inner corner with more of the shimmery shade

then, the look created from Lust!
(sorry, my camera ran out of batteries so i couldnt get as good of a shot as i did with Pride)

how to achieve:
1. Apply the light pink all over your lid
2. Take the lightest shimmery shade and apply on your tear ducts
3. Take the magenta shade (top middle) and apply to outer corner of your eye bringing it into your crease, blend this into the light pink shade. Also apply this on the outer half of your lower lashline
4. Take the dark shimmery grey and slowly work this into the outer v
5. Take some more of the magenta shade to help blend the grey
6. Blend blend blend away all harsh lines
7. Apply eyeliner and mascara and fix any mistakes made
8. Brighten up inner corners with the light shimmer shade

So there you have it, two slightly more dramatic looks created with Wet n' Wild's $5 eyeshadow palettes in Pride & Lust! which (if any) did you like better? next, im going to try to create two more looks with these palettes that are slightly more wearable for everyday :)

I am trying to incorporate more fotd & eotd looks into my posts but i have to admit, my eyeshadow application skills SUCK! So please bear with me as i try to learn and do better haha. if you have any good tips or suggestions, please share! :D

next up.. i finally bought Greed! i will be swatching these tmr so a post will be up soon! :D

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