Friday, December 24, 2010

Sigma Makeup F80 Flat Top Kabuki

To continue with my Sigma Makeup reviews, heres the Flat top synthetic kabuki! better known as the F80 :)

If you havent already, you can click here to read my review on Sigma Makeup's travel kit in nice in pink.

First off, this is one of the most highly raved about brush from sigma makeup. From their new sigmax brush line, the F80 is one of three brushes which allow for high definiton, flawless makeup application. "the brushes feature exclusive Sigmax filament, specially designed to apply powder and liquid products without absorption into the fibers. The shape, density and height of the filaments were carefully engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect."

You can purchase the set of 3 together (Synthetic Face Kit) for $42 US.

F82 - Round Top Kabuki
The F82 Round Top Kabuki brush simplifies precise makeup application under the eyes and around the nose. This brush is also perfect for achieving flawless coverage using liquid and powder products. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki
The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid, cream, and powder products onto the skin. The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

F84 - Angled Top Kabuki
The F84 Angled Top Kabuki brush is the perfect brush for precise, yet blended application of products on the cheeks. It seamlessly applies cream, powder and liquid products. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.


I chose to go with the flat top kabuki because i mainly wanted it to apply foundation. and for that, a flat top would be the most basic and give me the best coverage for all over the face. I feel that the F82 and the F84 are more specialized brushes, which i dont need at the moment, but you never know in the future ;) lol
Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80
"This exclusive flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Makeup F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned."

Prior to this, i used my all time HG ELF powder brush daily to apply my liquid foundation. However, i find that this brush is not only comparable, but has potential to replace my ELF powder brush! The bristles on the F80 are very very dense and super soft. This density allows for great coverage as well as that airbrushed look. The bristles also have a nice stiffness which i feel the ELF powder brush may be lacking.

some pictures for a little comparison....

as you can see, the ELF brush is slightly bigger and the bristles also fan out more allowing you to cover a larger surface area.

however, the Sigma F80 is definitely much more dense allowing a better stippling effect. Also, the sigma F80 bristles absorb less of the foundation, meaning you use less, waste less, and get more on your face :)

- bristles are very soft and dense
- bristles dont absorb too much foundation
- great for stippling giving you airbrushed effect
- good coverage achieved
- relatively inexpensive, $16 US

- some fallout during wash and first few uses
- smaller surface area meaning slightly longer time to cover entire face
- only available through sigma's website

Where to buy?
On sigma's website. If you are thinking of ordering, you can click any of the above links to receive a gift with a purchase of over $30. (Note: yes, this is my affiliate link and no you do not HAVE to click using my link. here is the normal link -> Sigma Website. :)

$16 US.

Would i recommend?
YES! this brush has very dense bristles allowing for great coverage :) plus, the bristles are super super soft and also absorbs less foundation allowing you to use less foundation, waste less, and get more on your face :) the only slight downside i had with this brush is a few fallouts once in awhile, but nothing major :)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
I wont be posting for the next few days since it is christmas and boxing day. However, once those days past, i have a huge surprise for you all! i've finally had some time to sit down and try out a diy project :) i know i havent done one in a long time, but im really excited to share this one with you all! I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i do :D here's a sneak peek for now...

excited? haha i am :) anyways, hope you all have an amazing christmas tomorrow! Enjoy all the wonderful gifts you get and dont forget to spend lots of time with your loved ones! Stay warm and safe everyone and i'll post soon :) take care and have a merry christmas :)
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