Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Wet N' Wild Palettes - Pride & Lust Swatches

Wet N' Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes
Pride, Lust & Vanity

Pride - Lust - Vanity

These are my all time favourite drugstore palettes! the pictures above were taken when i first got them so thats why they look so un-loved ;) haha but considering these go for about $5 each, they are definitely a MUST-HAVE in your makeup collection! i am anxiously waiting for their new holiday palettes to release in canada.. maybe they have already! but i cant seem to find them anywhere :( please give me a shout if anyone from canada sees them! :D

oh, and im not quite sure why i dont have Greed (the 4th palette in their collection), i keep forgetting to pick it up haha :) but once i do, i will swatch and do an eye look as well!

so here are the swatches for pride and lust!
 prepared to be surprised because these babies pack in amazing pigmentation!

Click here for Vanity swatches :)
(all swatches done with one swipe with finger, no base/primer! amazing isnt it?)

Pride & Lust
 matte shades on top, shimmery on bottom

here are some closer up pictures if you're too lazy to click into each picture ;)

Pride & Lust

Pride Shimmery Shades & Lust Shimmery Shades

Pride Matte Shades & Lust Matte Shades

here they are again in natural lighting...

Pride and Lust

and although i absolutely love the matte shades, i think you really NEED to see the shimmery shades up close :D

shimmery shades from Pride
isnt that like the prettiest blue ever?!?!

Shimmery shades from Lust

Are you in love yet? haha cause i am! i had neglected pride and lust for awhile because ever since school started, theres just no time to sport brighter colors and shades (im majoring in business and it wouldnt look so good if i did my presentations in smokey blues & purples ;) haha) but on the other hand, vanity has gotten a ton of love due to its already-prematched brown and gold shades :) the matte shades make especially good everyday looks :)

so anyways, sorry for the picture overload! haha hope it didnt take too long to load :P to further spark your love for these palettes, take a look at the looks i created with them!

please excuse my unbrushed eyebrows LOL

More pictures on these looks in the next post! :D
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