Thursday, December 9, 2010

Was I Too Greedy in Getting Wet N' Wild's "Greed"?

Hi everyone! So to complete off my Wet N' Wild Coloricon Palette collection, i decided to go pick up the last one i was missing, Greed. However.. when i excitedly went home to open it up and swatch it.. i was disappointed :( Maybe i was a tad too "greedy" in getting Greed....

i was soooo excited about the lavender shade... but turns out, that was also the shade that disappointed me the most..

lets take a look at the swatches..

this swatch was taken after i literally rubbed my finger in the purple shade really hard and swatched multiple times. normally, one small swipe is all i need from these wet n wild palettes to give amazing pigmentation.. however, something in the purple just wouldnt work. also, the shimery peach shade needed a few extra swipes as well.

on the other hand.. look at the matte swatches! arent they absolutely amazing? :D

close up of the shimmery shades.. disappointing really :(
the purple one wouldnt show up at all, the peach shade is gorgeous but was also slightly lacking in pigmentation, the dark grey however, is just lovely :)

matte shades.. simply amazing <3

another swatch - with flash
 (note again, the lavender and peach shades are with multiple swatching) 

matte shades with flash

shimmery shades with flash
(note again, multiple swatching needed for lavender and peach shades)

Okay, so the above swatches were done given that both the lavender shade and the peach shade with multiple swatching. now lets look at them with one swipe (what i usually do with other swatches)

from left to right (theres 4 shades here if you cant see lol)
peach shade one swipe, peach shade on primer, lavender shade on primer, lavender shade one swipe

now do you see what i mean? i was really disappointed because those two shades looked amazing in pan. with primer, they are slightly better but still lack significantly in pigmentation. if someone else has this palette and can find a way to get these shades to work, PLEASE let me know! i tried applying them on my eye as well, and well.. nothing showed up :(

and just to show that my primers not crap lol... heres the dark grey shade with & without primer

loved how this shade turned out :)
note: primer used was ELF's mineral eyeshadow primer

So there you have it! even though i loveeed the matte shades (especially the matte peach!) and the dark shimmery grey, this palette really disappointed me. (probably cause i had pretty high expectations after swatching vanity, pride and lust lol) im not sure if i just got a bad palette or what not, but the shimmery shades just didnt want to work for me! :( oh well.. i will just have to wait until the holiday palettes are released in canada! i really hope those turn out a lot better then this one!! :D hope you have a good day!

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