Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Urban Decay Naked VS WnW Vanity EOTD

Okay, so i know in my last post i said that Wet N' Wild's Vanity palette was definitely no dupe for Urban Decay's Naked palette.. but you know, i got a bit more curious as to how they fare off in eye looks.. so i did two slightly smokey brown eye looks... one eye with urban decay, the other with wet n' wild!

can you tell which eye is urban decay, and which eye is wet n wild?

take a guess!

 The correct answer is.....

My left eye (right in these pictures) is done with urban decay's naked palette! while my right eye (left in these pictures) is done with wet n' wild's vanity palette! Did you guess right? :)

So from here on, there's just a series of pictures showing what i did at each step. the left side is with wet n' wild. the right side is with urban decay. can you see the difference?

Step one - benefit r.s.v.p. as base & light shimmery shade in inner half of eye

wet n' wild -------------------------------- urban decay

step two - medium toned shade in outer half plus crease

wet n' wild -------------------------------- urban decay

step three - dark brown shade in outer v & gold shade under eye

wet n' wild -------------------------------- urban decay

step four - blend, eyeliner & mascara

wet n' wild -------------------------------- urban decay
Overall: i think they're preeeettty close when applied

however, do note that with urban decay, i feel as if there is more dimension and contrast between the shades. as well, the urban decay gives a softer smokey brown (this is without using the black & grey shades) whereas the wet n wild's dark brown shade was very strong. this is more noticeable in this picture:

can you see how the wet n' wild eye seems to be darker and less dimensional? i think this is because the dark matte brown really steals the show, whereas with urban decay, it blends more smoothly so you can see the different layers in shades. also, wnw's brown has more of a reddish warm undertone whereas urban decay's is slightly more cool toned.

Final conclusion -
i really love both of these palettes, they are both filled with great neutrals, are all super buttery and pigmented, and blend nicely. Price wise, urban decay retails for around $52 CAD while wet n' wild's at $5. However, urban decay's does come with a mini primer potion, 6 more shades including a black and gunmetal grey and many more shimmery shades, as well as a double sided 24/7 eyeliner in zero and whiskey.

So really, its up to you what you want! personally.. i would grab both haha just because if you love neutrals and use it on a daily basis, you'll never find a better palette than urban decay's naked palette! but if you're a diehard makeup addict, you'll also never want to pass up a high quality makeup palette for $5 cause its such a steal! :) of course, if you're tight for money, go with the wnw one first.. then if you want, save up for urban decay (or hint it for christmas!!) since its not a limited edition palette! *YES* :D

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